You can find Diablo in the Realm of Terror

At the end of Act 5 of Diablo 2 Resurrected, you will face Baal, the Lord of Destruction, who is the game's ultimate boss.  Baal will be waiting for you to defeat him.  In order to reach him, you will need to fight your way through Act 5, defeat the Ancients, and then make your way down three levels of the Worldstone Keep until you reach the Throne of Destruction, which is where Baal presides over his domain.  Only then will you be able to speak with him.  It is difficult to predict what you'll face because you never know who or what you'll face because you never know who or what you'll face.  This task is made more difficult in Nightmare and Hell difficulties thanks to the inclusion of guest monsters in Act 5; these are higher-level versions of foes from earlier Acts, which makes it difficult to predict what you'll face.  To finish the journey to Baal, all you have to do is use the Worldstone Keep Level 2 Waypoint, continue through Level 3, and make your way to the Throne of Destruction.  To our great good fortune, the duration of this trip is not particularly lengthy.

In the same manner as in Diablo, you won't earn the right to challenge the Lord of Destruction himself until you've proven your mettle against a slew of Super Unique foes first.  This is a prerequisite in this game as well.  As a consequence of this, the run will proceed at a more snail's pace; however, the elimination of five Super Uniques in quick succession can result in the acquisition of a sizeable amount of additional loot and experience, so it's not all bad.  The fact that each of these five adversaries has their own distinct defenses and legions, which can make matters even more difficult, is, however, not to be overlooked:

The effects of fire have no effect on Colenzo the Annihilator because he is permanently enchanted with fire.

Achmel the Cursed is always enchanted with poison, and as a result, he is immune to the ill effects of the poison.  Also immune to magic in Hell difficulty.

Always Lightning Enchanted, but despite not having any inherent immunities to speak of, has a high resistance to lightning damage.  Bartuc the Bloody was his name.

Ventar the Unholy possesses an additional speed bonus, a high resistance to poison and fire, and in the Hell difficulty level, he is immune to the effects of poison.  He also has a high resistance to fire.

In the Hell difficulty setting, Lister the Tormentor is immune to fire, has high resistance to fire, cold, and poison, and always has access to Spectral Hit.  In addition, he has high resistance to fire, cold, and poison.

Due to the fact that he has a powerful attack that deals area of effect damage in all directions, a close range ability that depletes mana, and the ability to stamp into existence a frost wedge that will knock enemies back and potentially hit them multiple times per cast, Baal himself can be a frustrating boss to fight.  Even if they are otherwise obscured from view or blocked by obstructions, the tentacles that he is able to call forth have the potential to inflict damage on players who have the misguided belief that they are especially perceptive.  The worst part is that he will be able to teleport around, and he will be able to conjure up a clone that has the exact same capabilities as Baal himself.

Baal has a healthy supply of life, and he possesses a moderate resistance to the majority of the elements (except for non-elemental magic damage; good news, Hammerdins!).  Baal also has a moderate resistance to the majority of the elements.  Farming Baal can be a time-consuming endeavor because of both this and the fact that he is surrounded by minions at all times.  If you are playing on a difficulty setting that is higher than normal, it is highly recommended that you farm Baal with a group so that you can compensate for each other's weaknesses. . . You shouldn't have too much trouble with Baal's minions unless you are a Lightning Sorceress, Wind Druid, or Summonmancer.  In that case, you might have some trouble.  On the other hand, the adversaries that you face on the way there might tell a very different tale.

Even on the Normal difficulty setting, Baal has a very high Monster Level (mLv), which indicates that he has the potential to drop items of a mid-tier quality, such as Titan's Revenge and Skin of the Vipermagi, amongst other things.  However, with Nightmare Mephisto, not only do you have a greater chance of obtaining these items, but also your runs with him are much more efficient.  Even more lucrative is Nightmare Baal, as it is one of the first monsters you will come across that has a chance to drop a Harlequin Crest. . .  although, once more, Hell Andariel may be a better and more efficient source to farm.  Nightmare Baal has a chance to drop a Harlequin Crest.  It will be well worth your time to take on the challenge of vanquishing Hell Baal if you, or you and a party, are able to do so in a timely and risk-free manner.  It is possible for Hell Baal to drop any item that is currently available in the game.

D2R will not disappoint you when it comes time to face the game's final boss.  This facet of the gaming experience is critical to having a complete and enjoyable time with the game.  The ultimate adversary in this game is referred to as Baal.  After you have defeated Diablo, his brother, the Lord of Destruction, will appear to take over his role as the Ultimate Prime Evil.  He will do this as soon as you have defeated Diablo.  After enduring a great deal of difficulty throughout the game, it is at last time for you to defeat the game's final boss and declare victory in this conflict.  In this guide, we are going to look at how to defeat the boss Baal in Diablo 2 Resurrected, so let's get right to it, shall we?

This guide will be broken down into several different parts so that you can gain a better understanding of where you can find Baal as well as the attacks and abilities that he possesses.  In the end, we will look at the statistics of his performance and devise a strategy for how to defeat him.

Where Can I Find Baal in D2R items for sale 2 Resurrected go to buy? Where Is He Located?

The Worldstone Chamber is where Act 5 takes place, and it is here that you will find Baal.  This region can be accessed by using the portal that is situated on the dais of the level that contains the Throne of Destruction.

In addition to the tremendous damage that he is capable of inflicting with his melee attacks, the Lord of Destruction is also armed with a variety of powerful spells that can be cast at will.  The following is a list of the various spells that are cast by Baal:

Blood Mana is a form of magic that causes the user's character to suffer a loss of health that is inversely proportional to the amount of mana that was expended by the user while casting a spell.  This type of magic can only be used by certain classes of characters.  Despite this, the spell can only be used by players who have a Mana pool that is greater than their Health pool.

Defense Curse:It causes a significant weakening of his opponents' defensive capabilities.

Festering AppendageThis appendage was formed when Baal conjured tentacles from deep within the earth using his magic.  These tentacles will deal damage to any targets that are in close proximity to them by lashing out at them with their sharp protrusions.

The use of Hoarfrost causes a wave of ice to crash into the players, knocking them back and dealing damage to them in the form of ice at the same time.

Utilizing the Incineration Nova ability, the user will launch a nova that is made up of fireballs.

The Mana Rift attack is one that, upon making contact with the target, immediately consumes fifty percent of that person's mana and deals some damage to that individual in addition.  This spell gives the appearance of a yellow flame that is shot out of a flamethrower and appears to be a part of the spell.

It is a clone of Baal that he creates and calls the Vile Effigy.  This clone possesses the same skills and spells as its master, Baal, and can use them effectively.

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