How to enlarge breasts with a bra

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What kind of clothing tricks do girls use to make their breasts appear larger than they actually are. For instance, a woman recently shared on the Internet how she used three bras and three pairs of socks to enlarge her breasts. Slavic innovation is unmatched in its breadth. There are, however, much easier ways to use a single bra to visually enlarge the chest and give it a more rounded and curvy shape. The most important thing is that your breasts will appear completely natural in this scenario.
A properly chosen bra model can help you instantly enlarge your breasts. Let's start by going back to the most crucial rule: a bra should be purchased in its exact size. By selecting a large bra, you won't actually make your breasts bigger; instead, you'll just give them a shape that will appear strange and unnatural underneath clothing. Bras that are too small and too tight restrict the chest, hinder blood flow, and are unhealthy.
If a:
  • straps cut or hang on the shoulders;
  • after use, the bra leaves red stripes on the body;
  • cups cause pain or discomfort;
  • the bones on the cups constantly climb up, and do not remain under the breast;
  • The straps are not large enough to fit comfortably.
If at least one of the above symptoms is observed during or after the use of a bra, then the time has come to buy a new bra, and put the old one into a dark box without regret. Remember wearing oversized bras increases your risk of breast cancer by 21 times.
Let's move on to the types of bras that visually increase the volume of the chest. And also let's talk about which models should be combined with certain outfits.
The main types of bras that increase breast volume
A push-up. Perhaps the most common among women with small busts are push-up bras. The cups' unique oblique cut and lining of silicone or foam are sewn in to create the push-up effect. The cups lift the bust and draw it towards the center, giving it more volume and a sassy cleavage. Additional sewn-in or removable foam or silicone liners can be purchased for cups. You can always insert a second, visually smaller liner under the breast if there is breast asymmetry.
Double push up. There are models with a double push-up effect - these are push up gel (gel fillers) + push up. Since under the influence of push-up the breast rises, forming volume only in the upper part of the chest, an additional effect or removable liners for the lower part of the chest will help to balance the volume and make the chest more rounded. Double push up visually enlarges the chest by 2 sizes
Bra with underwires. Traditional bras lift and support the chest by inserting bones (the arms) into the cups. Bones may be constructed from metal or another strong, flexible material. It is best to choose bras with whalebone bones rather than those made of metal because they won't pierce fabric over time and won't rub or dig into the chest. Although quite expensive, these models are very useful.
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