Another option is using the site Down Detector

Another option is FIFA 23 Coins using the site Down Detector. This is a community-run resource website that keeps track of the server status of various video games and websites. When FIFA 23 is not working this is the best place for players to look up the status.
The third, and the most unconvenient method to determine this will be directly from the game. When server is down the features included in Ultimate Team mode and others will be disabled. This isn't the best way to find out, as this could also occur due to issues with the player's computer network.
Even in the event that the servers fail, some parts of FIFA 23 will still be accessible. All the offline game modes can be played because they do not rely on online features. Some intriguing changes have been made to the careers mode for the current year's edition players are able to take their beloved clubs to new splendor.
In addition, exhibition games will be also available. In addition to online friendly matches players have access to all teams, as well as custom tournaments.
FIFA 23 is out and players are being absorbed in Ultimate Team now, with the first FUT Champions Weekend League of the season now gone.We are all in agreement with the statement that FIFA players like more than free packs or player things in FUT 23.
The players who pre-ordered the game are allowed to certain bonuses in Ultimate Team, including a free Ones to Watch (OTW) player pack.However it appears that in what could only be described as yet another EA mistake, the Ones to Watch pre-order pack seems to buying FUT 23 Coins be distributing Gold items instead.
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