CRO’s Results In Dramatic Changes

Several leading CRO’s in India have been undergoing dramatic changes. They are courting biotechnology companies, setting up satellite labs in Europe and the US, and are vying to become more than assistants to large drug manufacturers.


These companies have had to keep up with global processes and quality standards. They have also had to hire outside managers with CRO’s pharmaceutical experience. They have reshaped themselves from low-cost compound synthesizers into world-class chemistry-service providers.


The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a surge in clinical trials and R&D expenditures. The industry is also seeing the rise of generic medications and technological innovations. In addition, patent expirations and the need for new drugs are on the rise. These changes have left many companies wondering about the cost of putting together a structure to support CRO’s.


A good CRO program can help your website achieve the highest conversions possible. It can also help you analyze your site's performance and identify areas for improvement. Investing in CRO is also an effective way to increase your revenue. You can test the performance of various elements on your site and find out which ones convert the best.


In addition to providing world-class clinical research services, ICON has expanded its services in oncology, genomics science and genomic science. It has also partnered with Genomics England on its 100,000 Genomes Project and IBM Watson for oncology research support.

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