Quickly wear the incense to become a God raiders (1)

Originally bitter and bitter child ghosts also gathered one after another, with a kind of complex eyes that can hardly be described in words, staring at the white-haired old man who was thrown into the big array of scorched gold and flowing stones. Several child ghosts even sobbed beside them and said, "You old ghost actually has today" and so on. At the moment when the white-haired old man was thrown in, the Jiaojin Flowing Stone Array, which had just been as stable as Mount Tai because of the suppression and support of Xuanyuan Changyi, was out of control in an instant-the voice of the white-haired old man in the array was a little more desperate than just now. Chu Miaoli listened to the voice so that his ears hurt, and frowned and asked Xuanyuan Changyi if there was any way to kill him now. Xuanyuan Changyi nodded, "Yes, but you have to play the spirit of twelve points, ready to receive clouds and rain at any time." Chu Miaoli naturally promised. With his wife's affirmative reply, Xuanyuan Changyi's hands began to congeal. His congealed seal was fast and good. In less than a moment, everyone heard a roar and explosion like the shaking of the earth. When they opened their eyes again, they found that the big array that had brought endless suffering to the whole south had completely disappeared. The child ghosts, who had been waiting for all this to happen with bated breath, suddenly gave out a heart-rending cry of "ah ah",cold drawn tubes, bent their backs deeply, and clung to their heads. Chu Miaoli, who had seen this situation for the first time, changed his face. "Changyi, look at them quickly. Look at what's wrong with them!" As a mortal, the little butterfly,precision welded tubes, who could not see the child ghost at all, looked blankly at Chu Miaoli, completely unaware of what she was talking about or what had happened. Don't worry, Ah Li. "Xuanyuan Changyi saw that Chu Miaoli was really anxious. He quickly held her hand and comforted her by saying," The connection between these child ghosts and the Jiaojin Flowing Stone Array is really too close. Even if I have forcibly cut off this connection, there is still some indescribable relationship between them. Therefore, the sharp pain that acts on the soul like this cannot be avoided in any case. " "How long are they going to be in this pain?" Chu Miaoli's voice trembled a little. Not more than half an hour at most. Xuanyuan Changyi hurriedly way. Chu Miaoli breathed a sigh of relief and said something more. Without warning, the downpour poured them all into a drowned rat in a short moment. The Great South Side, which has been in drought for several years, finally rained with the help of this otherworldly couple! Chapter 274 Bodhisattva Woman (14). If we say that when it first rained, all the people in the south of the Great South were boiling up, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Tubes, now they are a little laughing. Because the rain is getting heavier and heavier, and.. It's a little too big! Your Majesty, hasn't it rained for a long time, that female Bodhisattva? That's why.. Can't you grasp the rainfall? Ever since the king showed off the golden dragon on his head in front of the people in the south, the chief of the south became silent as if a cat had taken his tongue away. Now, looking at the huge rainstorm that almost drowned everything, out of the sense of responsibility of a parent official, he had to dare to stand up in order to find a satisfactory answer from the king of the country. Originally, the king of the state was very dissatisfied with the local officials in the southern part of the country. He felt that they had not fulfilled their duties and had not properly managed the people on this side of the soil and water. But now, seeing that the other side, knowing that it might offend Longyan, had taken the initiative to stand up for those people, he felt a little better. He said in a very calm tone, "Zhang Aiqing." You look down upon the female Bodhisattva too much! Now that she has successfully defeated the evil man, with the king's understanding of her, I believe that in the near future, she will be empty to deal with the problem of the rainstorm outside. The expression on the king's face was so calm that no one could doubt what he had said. The local official, surnamed Zhang, knew everything about the south side like the palm of his hand. He knew that the heavy rain outside would not go wrong even if it continued for a while. Therefore, after listening to the words of his own king, he was as honest as he wanted to be. He said that Xiaoguan should die, and drew back his head. It was also at this time that the king of Guoguo seemed to have found something. His eyes suddenly lit up and he walked quickly to the window. He climbed to the edge of the window and said to the outside, "My child, why are you here?"? Come on in! It's raining heavily outside now! Don't get you wet! As he spoke, the king carefully let in a mass of air that they could neither see nor touch through the window in the strange eyes of everyone as if they had seen a ghost. Your Majesty, you've forgotten that I'm a ghost and I'm not afraid of rain at all! Not long ago, the little boy who was clamoring to send arsenic to the king of the millet country smiled at the king of the millet country with big eyes. Although the king knew that he could not touch it at all, he touched its head symbolically and said, "I'm sorry, I forgot, but I want you to know that in my heart, you are no different from every child in the world." "Your Majesty, don't deceive yourself here!"! The different paths of Yin and Yang are no joke! With a little boy on his head, he smiled even more happily. "But you don't need to feel guilty about it, because in a few days, we'll be reincarnated!" "Reincarnation?"? So soon? The king was startled by the message revealed by the little boy. "I also want to ask the female Bodhisattva for help, so that you can see your parents and family for the last time." The people in the south,side impact beams, who had guessed from the words of the king that he was talking to a man they could not see, were all restless. Especially when they heard the king say to the being that he wanted to ask the female Bodhisattva to let them see their parents and family. The people in the south don't know whether these children are willing to see their good-for-nothing parents and elders, but there is no denying that their hearts are full of desire and hope. Meet your parents and family? The smile on the little boy's face disappeared because of the king's words. cbiesautomotive.com
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