Qing Autumn North and South (Complete Works)

"No, no." Jing Jingli held out a finger and shook it under Man Chun's nose. "Do you know who that boy is?" "He said his name was Gao Yin." Man Chun was stunned, squinting, and lowering his voice as if to prove, "Gao Yin?" "Yes, the young man's name is Gao Yin, and the young man who saved him is Gao Xiao." With his palms spread out, Jing Jingli was too lazy to keep him in suspense. "Last year, the new emperor of Qi ascended the throne. Less than a year after he ascended the throne, he was deposed by his uncle Gao Yan. As a result, Gao Yan himself became the emperor.". The deposed emperor was Gao Yin. I just don't know. Why did he become a prisoner of Yuwenhan? And Gao Xiao. After thinking about it, she said leisurely, "If I remember correctly, the master mentioned that Gao Cheng, the elder brother of Gao Yan who ascended to bliss early, had six sons, the eldest son Gao Xiaoyu, the second son Gao Xiaoheng, the third son Gao Xiaowan, and the fourth son.." "Gao Xiao?" Man Chun took her words and nodded, "No wonder Gao Yin called him fourth brother." He was so confused by He Lou's anger that he didn't think of it. If you don't see this person with your own eyes, Gao Xiao, this name, no one will be surprised to hear. Zi An, I think you are no stranger to King Wu of Lanling. "Gao Changgong,collapsible bulk containers, King Wu of Lanling?" As soon as Man Chun's eyes lit up, he flicked open the godless fan for a day and said excitedly, "It is said that this man has a delicate appearance, beautiful voice and appearance, and is brave and good at fighting. Because of his fief Lanling, he is called King Wu of Lanling." "You were already there." "You say.." Gao Xiao is Gao Changgong? "Yes." It was Gao Changgong who pulled her into the alley that day and shot a poison into her stomach while she was unprepared. That day, his black hat and black veil threatened her with poison and asked her to help him save people. She only looked at those eyes like autumn water. Forgive her, those eyes are really like the ripples of autumn water, but there is no woman's softness. Look how beautiful he is,drum spill pallet, of course-help, not to mention. She ate a sweet poison. She said she had a hard life. Therefore, Gao Changgong disguised himself as a rickshaw puller today and took the opportunity to sneak into the dungeon of Luohua Garden, waiting for an opportunity to save people. Gao Changgong had sneaked into Dongluo King's Palace many times, but he could not find out where Yuwen Han had locked him up. After many inquiries, he learned that Dongluo King's dungeon was located in Luohua Garden outside the city. Find her, because Yu Wenhan happened to invite her spring outing. He thought she was under his control because of the poison, but he didn't know that if she didn't want to help, even if there was a big frying pan in front of her, even if the knife was on her neck, she couldn't jump down and fry herself. Master has said that her temper is a little overbearing. "Zi An, help him, and we have nothing to lose." She climbed out of the carriage, pulled the reins, and said, "Gao Changgong has paid off by telling us the news he inquired about." Gao Changgong found out that the State of Zhou had established diplomatic relations with the Turks, and that the State of Zhou was hoarding troops to the southeast. Was it for Chen or for Qi? I don't know. Yu Wenhan.. Suddenly, she recalled the pear petals like snow and jade, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet crates, as if she saw the jade standing under the pear tree, with purple satin sleeves and delicate fragrance dyeing clothes. Yuwen Han's beauty is different from Gao Changgong's. Gao Changgong's beauty is soft outside and tough inside, while Yuwen Han.. Eyes blue smoke, pleasant smile, although there is a feeling of spring breeze at first sight, but this smile in the wind remains the cold of winter, mild with cold, indifferent with fierce. His smile was warm and sharp. Chapter 4 Fan Weihe Dongluo Wangfu Palace On the first day, Yin Wei came to report, "Wang Ye, Your Majesty has issued the official documents, and the envoys of the State of Chen will leave for home in three days.". The maid of the Mandarin only walked around the street today and bought.. "What to buy?" Playing with the small bell-shaped jade pendant, the handsome prince did not lift his eyelids. Bought.. Bought.. Yin Wei Hanran hung his head and his voice became smaller. "I bought nearly a hundred catties of cakes and dried goods, including dried meat, wolfberry, tremella, pagodatree flower bud, smoked bamboo shoots, pilose antler and ginseng." "Explore again." The hidden guards were ordered to disappear. The next day, Yin Wei came to report, "Wang Ye.." The girl bought another day today. "What did you buy?" Cold sweat slid down the hidden guard's forehead, and his head could not be lower. "Twenty-one bolts of cloth, eighteen dried legs of deer." “…… Explore again. Yin Wei wiped the cold sweat and disappeared. On the third day, Yin Wei came to report, "Today, Miss Pear Flower and the two businessmen accompanying Chen Guo went to the street together.". "Wipe sweat, finally have a new discovery, and then buy so, need not Wang Ye angry, they first jump down from the wall to apologize," the two businessmen are brothers, surnamed Duan, the elder brother called Duan Xianzhi, the younger brother called Duan Muzhi.. " "Do you need to find out the names of the Duan brothers?" As soon as Yin Wei was in a daze, he suddenly raised his voice: "Wang Ye is wise." The handsome prince clenched his fist and seemed to endure it. "Did she buy dried fruit and dried meat again today?" Wormwood Bridge WWW. HQDOOR. COM Welcome to visit Section 27: Chapter 4 Fan Micro Sum (2) “…… Wang Ye is wise! “……” Lips twitch, Yu Wenhan does not know whether to laugh or anger. It was the first time he had heard this kind of unprintable flattery, and it came from the mouth of his subordinates. What the hell does he keep these hidden guards for, huh? Without moving his face, he spoke lightly, "The king wants her identity, her name, and the purpose of her coming to Chang'an. What did you buy for the king in three days?" Yin Wei broke out in a cold sweat, and a cold sense of crisis crept up the back of his head. His heart trembled. He said quickly, "That girl's surname is Wu, and her given name is Lihua. She is eighteen years old. The maid who accompanied Man Chun, the envoy of the State of Chen, is also his maid.". Wu Lihua is clever and clever. She has been studying with Man Chun since childhood. She is very much loved by Man Chun. According to the Duan brothers, Man Chun has the meaning of accepting Wu Lihua as a little lady. With that, Yin Wei wiped his sweat again. It wasn't that he and his men didn't work hard, but they only found out that Wu Lihua was Man Chun's maid. Wu Lihua looks delicate, but her skin is darker. If Wang Ye is fascinated by Wu Lihua. This Unlikely ah, although Wang Ye has "a thousand pieces of gold" romance, at least the last time he was fascinated by the beauty of the country, Wu Lihua how to look at. What do you think.. Oh, no,plastic pallet suppliers, Wang Ye's eyes are inconvenient, is it not because of this reason, that Wu Lihua. Stealthily looked up and saw Yu Wenhan staring down at the sleeve lines. Yin Wei exhaled and waited for his instructions. A drop of sweat.. Two drops of sweat.. Three drops of sweat.. binpallet.com
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