Seek the way of immortals

Under the pressure of Zhong Laozu, Xu Qingfan could not help but shake his body, and the balance between the two spirits in his body was almost broken by the shock, which made him even more shocked. It was just that the character of the legendary demon cultivator was like this. He was arrogant and arrogant, and he did not have a trace of awe for the strong in the world except for the demon ancestor of that year. He went his own way, so Xu Qingfan had no choice but to continue to pretend. There is still room for people who are considered to be demons to turn around, but if they are recognized as true identities. Thinking of this, Xu Qingfan suppressed the horror in his heart and asked in a cold voice, "I didn't take what you were looking for. The reason why I went to Xisha this time was that I had something else to do. It was your excellency who first followed me for two days, and now he is pressing me with his strength. Is it true that no one deceives me?" Since is deceives people, Xu Qingfan simply deceives a big spot, will already disappear the evil way to pull, in order to demonstrate that behind oneself also has an astonishing influence. ^ ^ First launch ^ ^ But when Zhong Laozu heard Xu Qingfan mention the "Demon Way", he became more and more convinced of his judgment. He sneered in his heart and thought to himself: "I have long suspected that the man who created the Demon Way was willing to live in the world for ten thousand years. Sure enough, no one noticed that this man had rebuilt the Demon Way of that year." Although the heart because of the idea of certainty and more scruples about Xu Qingfan, but see Xu Qingfan again and again impolite, but also more angry, with his status,38 needle valve, no one can be so provocative to him. The old ancestor of the Zhong family's original politeness gradually disappeared from his face, and was replaced by endless dignity and coldness. He said slowly, "It is because you are a great master of the evil way, and I am an old acquaintance of one of your predecessors, that I would be so polite to you. Otherwise, with my character, I would not follow you at all. It would be more convenient to kill you directly and then search for you.". Hum,stainless steel needle valve, it was because everyone had such a temper that you were destroyed. I didn't expect that after more than ten thousand years, you still haven't changed at all. No one has ever dared to do this to me, if not for the sake of the earth. Hum The last cold hum, however, contained a lot of the spirit of the ancestor of the Zhong family. After the cold hum sounded in Xu Qingfan's ears, Xu Qingfan only felt a shock in his mind, and a burst of churning in the five. Whether it was his own life and death, or the two spirits of Zhengmo, there was a burst of confusion in his body. He could not help but be shaken back dozens of feet before he reluctantly stopped. The seven orifices were all shaken out of the blood. Speaking of, I and the land is an old acquaintance, even if he sees me will not be so arrogant, this time to teach you, 12 needle valve ,pipe fittings manufacturer, although it is to bully the small, but also to teach his younger generation, save the scene of the collapse of the devil. For the sake of the land. I only used three points of force this time, and if you dare to disrespect me again. It's not that simple. The ancestor of the Zhong family said coldly. Xu Qingfan reached out to wipe the blood from his face and sighed silently in his heart. Although he had already set foot on the realm of the master, he was in all kinds of realms of the master. The gap is also great, in the face of Zhong Laozu, Xu Qingfan only felt as powerless as before he got the Tao. At the same time, Xu Qingfan was even more surprised by the meaning of Zhong Jialaozu's words. Isn't "earth" the second only to "heaven" in the "nether world" organization? Is it also a master of the devil? Judging from the attitude of the ancestors of the Zhong family, the strength of this person is still above the ancestors of the Zhong family. No wonder the ancestors were so polite before, but they regarded themselves as the disciples of the "land". Just between Xu Qingfan's secret thoughts, the ancestor of the Zhong family opened his mouth again. Now, I ask a question, you answer a question. If you ever behave like that again. I will abolish your cultivation, do you understand? "You say." Xu Qingfan answered in an unwilling tone. The ancestor of the Zhong family nodded with satisfaction. "You went to Xisha earlier than I did," he asked. "Have you ever seen a staff like mine?" "No." Xu Qingfan shook his head. The ancestor of the Zhong family pondered for a moment. Then he asked, "Have you ever seen anyone who has ever appeared in a place about thirty thousand miles deep in the Xisha Islands?" Hearing what Zhong Laozu said, Xu Qingfan's heart moved slightly, but his face showed a look of hesitation. "Say!" Seeing Xu Qingfan like this, the ancestor of the Zhong family was delighted, but his tone was a little more eager. Xu Qingfan said hesitantly, "I have seen Zhang Xusheng wandering there for a period of time, but he did not pay attention to me." "Zhang Xusheng." Zhong Laozu hesitated slightly. When he entered the land of Xisha, he also sensed that Zhang Xusheng was fighting with three great masters, such as Zizhen, in the deeper part of Xisha. He also thought about the possibility that the "purgatory staff" would be obtained by these great masters, but he did not rashly participate in it. However, according to Xu Qingfan's words, when Zhang Xusheng was being chased by Zizhen and others, he also stayed there specially, which was very suspicious. Thinking of this, Zhong Laozu's eyes kept flashing. If there was anyone else in the realm of immortals who could make him scruple, then it was definitely Zhang Xusheng. If he didn't have to, he really didn't want to provoke him. But if Zhang Xusheng got the "purgatory staff", it would be another matter. Thinking of this, Zhong Laozu no longer hesitated and turned his head to fly quickly in the direction of Xisha. In a twinkling of an eye, the figure of Zhong's ancestors disappeared in the distance of the sky, but the voice of Zhong's ancestors still echoed between heaven and earth. I have remembered the breath on your body. If you dare to deceive me, even if you chase me, I will kill you. In addition, wait for me to say hello to the earth, since he builds the magic way again,hydraulic fitting supplier, then my Zhong family will have to cooperate with him in the future. It was not until the breath of Zhong Laozu disappeared completely that Xu Qingfan breathed a sigh of relief. The strength of such a master who had reached the peak of distraction was really unfathomable. In front of him, he had become a master himself, but he was so powerless.
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