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"What do I have to do with my life when you don't have it?" Si Qi looked at the eyes red, such as crazy as the devil Si Xuan, clearly should be worried, clearly should refuse, but it is difficult to suppress the inner ecstasy. I sent someone to cut you off halfway, and I.. How did you get hurt? How did you.. Damn it, why did you fight for it in the first place? It's just a point of undeserved reputation. It's just a point of credit. If you want the throne, I will give it to you. You're so bad at martial arts, you're so weak. "Don't cry." Si Qi sat up from the bed and looked at Si Xuan, who wanted to rush over and was afraid of hurting him, and could only read in place, and couldn't help laughing. I'm not crying. "Then today is the wedding night." Of course it is! This is the imperial edict, and when I ascend the throne, he will be the imperial edict. "Well,ball valve manufacturer, then I will obey the decree." Si Qi turned over flexibly and pressed Si Xuan under his body. Your leg.. "Installed." "Why?" "You want to ascend the throne." "I want you." "So am I." "Why don't you get off me and lie flat?" "The wind was too strong for me to hear." "You!" Attempt to use force. Xuaner. “?” "I'm not good at martial arts, either." Installed. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Boom! Si Xuan dropped the book in his hand. Where is the queen? "Report back to the emperor, the empress is here." Receive Princess Duan. He said he wanted to receive his sister-in-law well and introduce the new book of Cao Pin Empress by the way. Dongxue watched the emperor stagger a step and run away quickly. Sister Dongxue, this. "It's all right. When will the emperor get our empress?" The author has something to say: Thank you for your blessing, and add one more chapter without responsibility. Chapter 31 sisters. Based on various reasons, Han Shaojun's team decided to "intercept Hu" Wen Guifei's "face-beating action". However,needle valve manufacturer, because of Yu Ya's words, Han Shaojun was collectively ordered to receive special training from Le Guipin before he could start. Active attack and passive attack are not the same, you must give me the appearance of a normal imperial concubine. What's wrong with me? Han Shaojun rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and turned to protest to Le Guipin. His manner.. It is a little free and easy in details. But manners and rules have been tested! Le Guipin rolled her eyes gracefully and knelt down slowly with the support of the smoke and clouds. Then he looked up with tears in his eyes, and the whole person trembled gently and tottered. Gently biting her lips, the tears in her eyes are turning in her eyes, a beauty who has been wronged and stubborn in her heart. Your Majesty and the sisters of the Xi family are cousins, and it is right to turn to them. The voice was flat and cold with a trace of despair. Concubine, shouldn't be so. Tears pinched the word point to fall, the head slanted, shellfish teeth biting thin lips, tube fitting manufacturer ,brass tube fitting, painful, sad and with the expression of not wanting to be so ugly and jealous to let people see the stubbornness. After the performance, applause and encouragement. Yanyun held his little master lying back on the soft collapse, looking at the stunned Han Shaojun could not help but proudly add. Just now the little master didn't think about it carefully. It's already a bit out of the box. It's better to arrange it well. Le Guipin nodded beside him, which was really a cliche. It's already good. Yu Ya looked at the performance with admiration. The new people are different from the old ones. She still has to learn. It's already good. Zeng Wanyi and Mu Liangyuan are also lamenting that even the old people are different from the old people. I'm not like you. Painting style is different, people are different, even if he finished the special training, it will bring people a sense of strangeness. Han Shaojun could hardly believe his tearful eyes and the appearance of the weak wind supporting the willows. Of course not the same, you have your style, blindly set me, only the effect of drawing a tiger instead of a dog, what we want to train is the style when you start pinching other concubines. You heard what Yu Ya said just now. Do you think your usual attitude and appearance are suitable for framing? What's he like? In the face of the beauties, keep the demeanor, care and love, and occasionally unconsciously flirt a little. In the face of the emperor, keep cool and adjust his appetite. A unique arrogance isolates everything. When you need to chat, you need to take the route of a bosom friend. You need to communicate with the emperor from a man's point of view. You need to be more bosom than a bosom friend. There are illusions on the bed to help satisfy the man's "body". Um. Yes, his usual mode is really not suitable for this mission. At the beginning, Mu Liangyuan was provoked to turn against the water, but simply opened a taunt mode. Mu Liangyuan was already in a wavering stage, pushing the boat along with the current, and the degree of difficulty was only 5. Lotus imperial concubine's matter, is Le Guipin's leadership, he only uses the plug-in to help. Yes, there is a need for special training. With a wave of his hand, Han Shaojun sat down smartly and took a sip of the cool tea in the cup to express his determination. Let's get started. Snap your fingers and get ready. …………” "What's the matter?" %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Han Shaojun was dragged to special training, and the remaining three girls were not idle. It is impossible for a person to be isolated from the world in the palace, and even a low-key person has his own popularity. They used their own small circle to spread the news that "Shen Jieyu wanted to give the Xi sisters a blow" without any trace, and immediately spread to the whole harem. Even the emperor turned over Han Shaojun's brand with a curious face. Love the princess, I heard. I won't embarrass you. I know what Your Majesty is going to do. Cooperate with me to attack them first, so as not to go against your plan. The initial disgust was probably in the plans of the Xi sisters themselves. Only by suppressing them first can they make more efforts to fight for you. When the time comes, you should be spoiled (you need to show off to the courtiers) and have an excuse to destroy them. (Something on the Charming King). I have to admit that this plan is very exciting for the emperor who is dedicated to his mother's injustice. For the sake of the queen mother's face, he could not be too cold to the Xi sisters, at least he could beat them at the beginning,14 tube fitting, and the scene would be very hesitant if the favorite concubine started and echoed himself. At most, he appeared to be blinded by lust, not dissatisfied with the Xi family.
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