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Chu Yunfeng was taken aback and thought, "I heard that Bai Wanxiong was as famous as Chunyu Zhou in those days. It was only because he was defeated by Tu Baicheng that he washed his hands.". With this man here, we should be a little more careful. Then he said, "I've heard a lot about the old white hero. I didn't expect to meet him here. Please forgive me for being rude." Bai Wanxiong said lightly, "I'm old and useless.". Brother Chu, to tell you the truth, I have to ask you for more help here. Dou Anping said with a smile, "We are all our own people. You don't have to be too polite.". Please sit down and talk. After sitting down, a soldier came out with a tray and several cups of tea, and put them in front of Chu Yunfeng, Meng Mingxia, Dou Anping, Luo Jun and Bai Wanxiong in turn. He looked cautious, as if he was afraid of spilling a little tea. Originally, the two cups of tea given to Chu and Ermeng were poisonous tea with "crisp bone powder". This "soldier" was also disguised by Dou Anping's confidant. He was so careful, not because he was afraid of splashing, but because he was afraid of putting the wrong teacup. Dou Anping picked up the teacup and said the word "please". Bai Wanxiong and Luo Jun picked up the teacup one after another. Meng Mingxia looked at Chu Yunfeng and saw that Chu Yunfeng also picked up the cup as if nothing had happened. Chu Yunfeng put the teacup to his mouth, sniffed it, and said with a smile, "This tea smells so good!" As soon as Meng Mingxia's heart moved, she followed his example and took the teacup in her hand without drinking it. Dou Anping said, "This is Yunwu tea,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, a specialty of Feilongshan. It's best to drink it while it's hot.". After you two have had tea, let's have a drink. Yang Wan was peeping at the steps, but Yang Jianbai was not present. She knew that they were going to use a conspiracy to deal with Chu Yunfeng. When she saw that Chu Yunfeng and Meng Mingxia were going to drink tea, she was surprised and thought, "There must be something strange in these two cups of tea. I have to remind them!" Worried, he did not think of his own danger at all, so he coughed softly. This cough, with the "sound into the secret" kungfu,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, the next step of a cough, all the people in the hall can hear clearly. Although they heard it clearly, because their attention was focused on Chu Yunfeng and Meng Mingxia, they did not find out who was coughing. In fact, there is no need for Yang Wan to remind them that Chu and Meng are already suspicious of this cup of tea. Hearing Yang Wan's cough, Meng Mingxia pretended to be taken aback and accidentally knocked down the teacup. Just as the teacup was about to touch the ground, Chu Yunfeng rolled up his sleeve and just held the teacup. The cup was not broken, but the hot tea in it had spilled. The splashed hot tea, like raindrops, fell from the air under the agitation of his sleeves, and it happened that the wine was in everyone's teacup. Needless to say, this is Chu Yunfeng's best skill. Meng Mingxia looked very frightened. She rubbed her hands and said, "I'm really sorry for spoiling the fragrant tea of Lord Dou.". Please don't blame the Stronghold Leader for the crime of losing your manners. Chu Yunfeng also pretended to be angry and said, "You are really a fledgling. You can't see a big scene." Knowing that they had seen through it, Dou Anping said with a sneer, 14 needle valve ,38 tube fitting, "I'm afraid you don't feel at ease to drink my tea." Chu Yunfeng picked up his teacup and said, "The Stronghold Leader is suspicious. We are all our own people. What are you worried about?"? But since the Stronghold Leader said so, let's all drink. Please, please, please! It was Dou Anping who offered tea to them, but now Chu Yunfeng suddenly turned the tables and asked the three of them to drink tea together. In this way, Dou Anping was at a loss and did not know what to do. How could he dare to drink the poison in their teacups? Yang Jianbai arranged everything inside, just saw Chu, Meng two people picked up the teacup, the heart is very proud, but out of this result, see Dou Anping difficult to end, Yang Jianbai had to come forward, ready to follow the original plan, the text is not, to Wu. Yang Jianbai walked out of the hall and said coldly, "Chu Yunfeng, I admire you for having the courage to come here.". Let's just open the window and get it straight. "Yes, yes," said Dou Anping. You martial brothers are a family. Let's talk about it. Everyone is fine. ” "What do you want me to say?" Asked Chu Yunfeng. "What are you doing here?" Yang Jianbai sneered. "What are you doing here again?" Asked Chu Yunfeng. "Don't pretend, Chu Yunfeng," said Yang Jianbai. Let's talk about it. You are in our hands now. If you are willing to give up your attempt to make trouble and stand on our side, then you and I are still honored. For one thing, Yang Jianbai was afraid of Chu Yunfeng and Meng Mingxia's ability. He was afraid that if he could catch them with a large number of people, he would inevitably get hurt. For another, there were more important enemies, Meng Shaogang and Li Sinan, who could come at any time. In the face of a big enemy, a small one could not bear to mess up a big plan. So he wanted to test first, to test whether he could surrender Chu Yunfeng. If you don't succeed, then you have to do it. Chu Yunfeng laughed and said, "I don't quite understand what you mean. Tell me what you and Lord Dou are doing first. You want to pull me over to your side." Chu Yunfeng also did not want to start immediately, hoping to be able to drag on for a while. Dou Anping quietly pulled Luo Jun aside and said, "The cough just now is very suspicious. Go out and find out which one it is." Yang Jianbai was also an alert man. When he saw that Chu Yunfeng's words were deliberately confused, he immediately realized. He thought to himself, "Could it be that he relied on strong reinforcements and used a delaying tactic?" Then he sneered and said, "Chu Yunfeng, don't play tricks in front of me. If you want to avoid death, drink this cup of tea. This cup of tea will only make you lose your martial arts temporarily, not take your life.". When the matter of Feilongshan is over, I will send you to see dad. As long as you confess the people who are against my father one by one, I will intercede for you and deal with them leniently. "Well," said Chu Qufeng with a smile, "I was supposed to invite you to tea. Let's drink!" See both sides at daggers drawn, will start, and Luo Jun has also come to Yang Wan and others, will be questioned. Just then, suddenly heard the sound of a car, hoofbeats,stainless steel tube fitting, a mule cart, straight in, to the Juyi Hall in front of the martial arts field before stopping. A few ringleaders that accompany come in report aloud: "Black Stone Road grows!" 。 chinaroke.com
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