The princess who pretends to be stupid is lovable.

Qi Tianche went to see his nine younger brothers with a green face, and Qi Tianling's reaction was- "Oh." Second elder sister “…… Shut up, everybody! The roared Ran Ran and Qi Tianling took a look at each other and opened their mouths at the same time with tacit understanding, "Oh." Huang Erjie. After that Qi Tianche went after Qi Tianling. Fuyuan suddenly filled with roars and laughter, no one chased Ran Ran turned back to the room, oh, how happy such a day. She likes Qi Tianche? Before Qi Tianling said so, she had never thought so. Although she felt that Qi Tianling's analysis was somewhat reasonable, she did not want to trouble herself and think more about it. But the problem of Princess Rong. But you can't just ignore it. Volume 31 Chapter 257: Confession (4) Qi Tianche, Qi Tianzhan, Qi Tianling three people at the same time absent in the morning, the emperor can not as nothing happened, that day, recruited the three sons into the palace. Qi Tianche now has been on guard against the seventh master and ran more close, so as usual with ran out, but can not take ran to the imperial study, just let ran wait outside the palace. Usually when Qi Tianche came back, Ranran was either sleeping or chatting with several of his men, but today, when he opened the car door,CNC machining parts, he found Ranran in a daze. Qi Tianche frowned, "what's the matter?" Ran Ran came to his senses and greeted him with a smile, "Baa ~" “……” He shouldn't have asked her! Rub the blue veins on the forehead hard, but Qi Tianche felt that she was really in a daze just now, and she was not in a good mood. What were you thinking? Ran Ran lowered his head sadly. "I wonder if I should tell you something." "What is it?" Ran Ran picked up a hair on the cushion and his voice became more sad. "You lost your hair." “……” Just about to roar, the conversation changed, but Ran Ran suddenly asked seriously,deep draw stamping, "Rhubarb, if the person you like does something wrong, what will you do?" Why does the woman ask that? Feel strange, but Qi Tianche still answered truthfully, "see what it is." "Well.." Ran Ran's voice paused for a long time. "What about killing people?" "Look who was killed." "Oh." Ran Ran nodded and said nothing more. Why do you ask? Ran Ran frowned, seriously considered his question, and then came to a serious conclusion, "It seems that I am stupid." “…… I already know you're playing dumb! "Really?"? Am I really pretending to be stupid? Ran Ran smiled very happily, "Thank you for telling me!" “……” On the way back to Fuyuan, Qi Tianche, as usual, became more and more angry all the way. When he arrived at Fuyuan, Ran Ran took the lead in jumping out of the carriage. He seemed to be going back to his room, but suddenly he turned back. "Rhubarb, deep draw stamping ,Investment casting parts, go after the person you like." She suddenly jumped out for no reason such a sentence, Qi Tian Che is feeling suspicious, want to turn around to go back, but ran turned back. Rhubarb, let's not get married. This sentence is more inexplicable than that just now, Qi Tianche suddenly felt very angry, "why?" Volume 31 Chapter 258: Confession (5) Ran Ran thought about it seriously for a while, and then told him seriously, "Our village head won't let me marry you." "The head of your village is yourself!" After the roar of the fire, Qi Tianche himself was stunned for a moment, and this woman did often mention their village, such as the rhubarb of the uncle's house in the east of the village, and the little flower of the aunt's house in the west of the village. But when did she say that the head of her village was herself? However, ran ran said too many strange words, Qi Tianche was just stunned for a moment, and did not think much. Ran also did not expect that he had a little impression of what he had said that night, was Qi Tianzhan's medicine not good enough? But see Qi Tianche no longer doubt, she continued the topic just now, very sad to answer, "our village head changed.". ” “…… Why Ran Ran suddenly became happy again and told him, "Because I'm stupid." “……” "Goodbye, rhubarb!" “…… See you again! Qi Tianche pulled the man back, "getting married is not to go back on his words!" "It's a fake marriage anyway." Qi Tianche suddenly felt more angry, "true or false can not go back on his word!" "If you're afraid you can't explain to the emperor, I can tell the queen mother myself." Is it time for the Seventh Master to say something? If the seventh master changed his mind, the emperor and a few of them should not be in a hurry to urge Qi Tianche to marry her. Ran ran's performance, obviously not to make him angry, but really do not want to get married. Qi Tianche frowned. "What happened?" Before Ran Ran spoke, he stopped her again. "Stop playing dumb!" "There have been too many big events recently," Ran Ran carefully counted on his fingers. "You've lost your hair, and you're going to change your name to Huang Erjie.." “…… I said, stop playing the fool! Before being angry to death by her, Qi Tianche twisted his face and stopped her. He brought out what she had said before. "Didn't you say that if you wanted to get married, you had to choose a man you didn't like and he didn't like you?" "But rhubarb." Ran Ran looked at him sadly. "You are a pregnant husband." “……” Qi Tianche used the fastest speed to put Ran Ran back into the room, and then went to practice martial arts. This woman must have something to tell him, but now is not the time to extort a confession, ask again, he will really be angry to death! Practicing Wu for an hour, Qi Tianche felt that he had calmed down, but as soon as he entered Ran Ran's room, his nose was almost crooked. Volume 31 Chapter 259: Confession (6) What is this?! Ran Ran shook the bone-shaped pillow in his hand, "Wang!" “……” "Rhubarb, this was originally a New Year's gift for you, but now I'll give it to you in advance." “…… Why First,car radiator cap, he threw aside the pillow that made him want to vomit blood, and Qi Tianche asked her with a bad face. Because I'm leaving! “…… Who allowed you to go? Rhubarb, do you really want to ask such a confidential question? That man is very powerful and mysterious. 。
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