Sword Spirit Pearlescent-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel Paradise

The sound of conversation and the smell of morning smoke filled the air, and there were large parcels, sacks, and so on piled up on the planks of the boat, almost without gaps. It was not easy to leave a place to place Li Mubai's two horses, but the people next to him kept complaining, saying, "Are you riding a horse? You can take the waterway." And scolded in Jiangnan's words. When the monkey heard this, he got angry and was about to come forward to fight, but Li Mubai stopped him and said, "If you want to make trouble again, I'll throw you into the water!" The monkey looked down at the vast waves of the river. He was afraid and felt dizzy. He said, "Master, if you throw me into the water, I will die!" Li Mubai said with a smile, "You are the son of a rhinoceros who divides water. How can you not know how to swim?" The monkey shook his head and said, "Although my father is a rhinoceros, I feel dizzy when I see water. I dare not go to the Huai River to play at home. I am afraid that Tao will take revenge. He can throw me into the water!" Li Mubai smiled again and said, "In that case, you shouldn't have come to the south of the Yangtze River. You can't do what your father did on the water." The monkey frowned and asked, "Master, can you swim?" Li Mubai said, "I have lived in the south of the Yangtze River since I was a child. When I was five or six years old, I played by the tide in Poyang. How could I not know water?"? I just haven't practiced for years! As he spoke,car radiator cap, he watched the sailors cast off the anchor, and the ship sailed leisurely westward. It was now the season of autumn, and the west wind was blowing, and it was going upstream against the waves, so it was very slow and wobbly. Not only did the monkey feel dizzy and uncomfortable, but even Li Mu-pai felt a little unable to stand. The two of them sat on the bow of the boat, looking at the vast river and the faint green hills in the distance. After a day's walking, it was only in the evening that I reached the realm of prosperity. Although it is a small ferry, there are many boats moored here. Because there were thick clouds in the sky again,Stainless steel foundry, all the ships were afraid of encountering wind and rain again, so they all moored here temporarily. The boat docked, and the monkey's hands were a little energetic. Li Mubai told him to go to the shore to play, and when he came back, he had a good meal, and told him not to cause trouble on the shore. As soon as the monkey's hand promised, he slowly followed the springboard to the shore. As soon as he stepped on the ground, he felt his head lighter. He jumped up and down in the crowd, and saw many boatmen and brokers, as well as local gamblers, gathered around the ground to throw dice. The monkey's hand also went in to look and saw that people were very happy to gamble, and one of them won a lot of money in a short time. The monkey's hand looked hot, and he was about to run back to the boat to open the box to get the silver to gamble here, so he got out of the crowd. After running a few steps, he was suddenly caught from behind. The man said, "Young master, how did you come here?" The monkey's hand looked back, die casting parts ,Magnetic Drain Plug, and he was too ambitious, but it turned out to be Tao's little man. The little man Tao was carrying the pork he had bought in one hand and holding the monkey's hand in the other. "Good monkey," he said, "your family has had a big disaster. You can come here to play. You really have a heart.". Go! Your Uncle yuan is on the boat. Follow me to see him. As he spoke, he took the monkey by the hand and walked toward the river. The monkey stared and followed the little man into a boat. Before he could get into the cabin, he saw several people standing on the deck of the boat. One of them, short and slightly fat, with a short gray beard under his cheeks, was yuan Zhaosong, a famous figure on the water in the south of the Yangtze River. This is Tan Eryuanwai's younger brother, and also the enemy of the monkey hand, because the year before last yuan Zhaosong went to Fengyang Mansion to look at Tan Eryuanwai, and lived in the small courtyard with willows. When he fell asleep at night, he asked the monkey to tie his hands secretly, and then asked the servants to untie them. Knowing this, Tan Eryuanwai tied the monkey's hand to the willow tree and beat him with a whip. After yuan Zhaosong himself interceded, Tan Eryuan was spared. As soon as he saw yuan Zhaosong, he wondered if he was going to throw him into the water to avenge that, so he turned and ran. But the little man grabbed his arm with both hands and said, "Why are you running?" Then yuan Zhaosong met him. With a gentle look on his face, he asked, "Who did you come here with?"? The monkey rolled his eyes and said, "I followed the master.". ” The little Tao next to him smiled and said, "Where have you ever had a master?" "My master is Li Mubai," said the monkey, "but he told me not to tell anyone his name. He saved me in the woods, and I followed him to the south of the Yangtze River. In the temple in Dangtu County, I asked the monk to light the acupoint, and my master avenged me and beat the monk. Little Tao said, "Well, don't say anything. The more you say, the more confused they are!"! Which ship is your master on? Let's invite him over quickly, and we have something important to discuss with him. yuan Zhaosong even said, "Hurry up and invite Li Mubai. Once you have him, that thing will be easy to handle." At that moment, the monkey hand took the little man Tao to the boat to invite Li Mubai. As soon as Li Mubai saw that the little man Tao had also come here, he was astonished. The little man Tao bowed deeply to Li Mubai and said, "My dear Li, thanks to meeting you here, less than ten days after you left Tanjiacun, we had a big disaster there!"! I braved the rain all night, and then I came to Tongling County and invited Uncle yuan, a heron by the cloud, to go back to Fengyang Mansion to take care of the funeral. As soon as Li Mubai heard the four words "take care of the funeral", his face could not help changing. Then the little man Tao bowed to him and said, "There's nothing else to say now. Who told you that the eldest master and the two of us are brothers?"! Now, please pack up your luggage and move to our boat! There's no one else in that boat. We'll talk about it when we get there. Li Mubai repeatedly nodded and said, "Good, good!" At that moment, little Tao helped the monkey carry the luggage and lead the horse. Li Mu-pai gave the boatman some money, and then got off the boat along the plank and went to the boat along the river. By this time it was nearly dusk and dark all around. Especially because the sky is overcast, so the wind is very tight and the river is black. After walking more than ten paces on the shore, Li Mubai suddenly felt that there was a man behind him. He quickly looked back and vaguely saw that it was a young man of medium height. He was wearing a blue satin jacket and trousers, with his sleeves rolled up,alloy die casting, showing the white lining of his clothes, and a braid on his head. He looked like a very handsome young master of a well-off family, not like a man who made a living at the ferry. autoparts-dx.com
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