The woman who leans on the emperor's side and waits for the emperor

The three of them raised their eyes and looked coldly at Emperor Jing, who was sitting safe and sound in the seat in front of him, without saying a word. Say Shang Muyan suddenly raised his hand, grabbed the collar of one of them, forced the other to raise his head, and said in a cold voice, "Come on, who are you at the behest of?"? Even today's emperor dares to assassinate you. You don't want to live, do you? The other side is still silent, the side of the two people are the same, a death-defying look. Shang Muyan smiled in a low voice. "It seems that you are not afraid of death." The words fall, he suddenly eyes a convergence, five fingers suddenly close, pull hard, will be the people under his hands up, he looked at each other tightly, teeth, word by word, "do you know what is the consequence of the assassination of the emperor?"? It's the Nine Clans! Not only will you die, but all your loved ones will die too! Don't think the king doesn't know who you are? As long as the king wants to check, there is no truth that can not be found out! When the time comes, none of your relatives will escape! Finally, three people were obviously flustered, especially the two people on the side looked at each other. Shang Muyan struck while the iron was hot. "If you tell the people behind the scenes that the emperor is merciful today, you may be forced to forgive you, at least not to vent your anger on your family!"! Father, is my son right? Shang Muyan said as he turned to look at Emperor Jing, who was sitting in the main seat. Next to Emperor Jing, two soldiers with long swords stood one on the left and one on the right, in an "escort" posture. Jing Di Shen Mou, did not ring. One of them said in a trembling voice, "If we say it, will you really let our relatives go?" I can't say! Even if they let our relatives go, your Highness and Mr. Lin will not let us go. Another man interrupted him in a hurry. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he was shocked and his face changed greatly. My God. What did he say. He was not the only one shocked? The two men in black were also shocked. Shang Muyan shook,wire nail making machine, Shang Muyi shook, Jing Di shook, Gao Sheng shook, Leng Yu shook, and Lin Zimo, who was hidden behind the crowd, shook. Everyone was stunned. Your Highness and Mr. Lin? All the north cool people know, in the north cool, can be called your Highness only today's prince, and Lin childe, is that this year's new champion, the current Yushitai Linzi Molin childe? The two of them hooked up? Assassinate the emperor? Already as a prince, so eager to sit on the throne? Sure enough, the most ruthless emperor home! For the sake of a throne, father and son turn against each other and brothers kill each other! They were still in shock for a long time, but Shang Muyan's voice rang again, "make it clear, who is your Highness?"? Who is Mr. Lin? The three of them turned pale, Automatic nail machine ,iron nail machine, knowing that the disaster had been caused. They looked at each other again, and suddenly, one by one, they fell down. The crowd was startled, and Shang Muyan's pupils converged. The red blood flowed out along the lips, and the symptoms of the three people were without exception. Bite your tongue and kill yourself! Everyone is shocked! Su Yang's face was pale. He moved quickly in the crowd and squeezed to Lin Zimo's side. He lowered his voice and said, "Sir, how could things be like this?" Lin Zimo's face was hard to see, his chest rose and fell rapidly, and his thin lips were tightly pressed into a cold straight line. He also wanted to know, how could things be like this? Where does this man get so much strength? In a short period of time, where did he get so much strength? Seeing that he did not ring, Su Yang was silent, but still couldn't help asking, "Is it really me?" "Of course not!" Lin Zimo interrupted her words in a cold voice. "Didn't you see that Lao Ba was stealing from himself, playing the good cop and the bad cop?" Su Yang was startled. This man means that the man in black is Shang Muyan's man, and the soldier is also Shang Muyan's man? That is to say, he was the one who assassinated Emperor Jing, and he was also the one who rescued him? It's just what everyone saw, it's just what saved him, isn't it? Oh my God! Suddenly, she understood what the man was going to do. Frowning, she lowered her voice again and said, "What should I do now?"? This is clearly a frame-up, while the emperor is present, I or simply go up to clear their own misunderstanding! "Wash?" Lin Zimo sneers, "how to wash?"? Old eight dare to be so presumptuous, must have made careful arrangements! The people arranged by the emperor outside the execution ground had been settled by him, and at this time, the palace had been controlled by him. The three of them insisted that it was the prince and me, and now they still want to die! This is the ironclad evidence. The most important thing is, look at the emperor! Look at the emperor?! Su Yang did not know, doubtfully through the shoulders of the people, looking at the scene of the past. Apart from feeling that the emperor seemed to have been silent all the time, he did not see any other clues. The soldiers on his side seemed to be escorting him, but in fact they were holding him hostage, that is to say, Lao Ba had already controlled him! Ah! Su Yang turned pale with fright again. Holding the emperor hostage? That That . "What shall we do?" "Go!" Lin Zimo turned around, squeezed through the crowd, and walked out. Go? Su Yang one Meng, hurriedly follow closely, "where to go?" "Let's avoid the limelight first!" He finally realized that night Shang Muyan was misunderstood and assassinated Emperor Jing, and had to flee. Laoba, you are so cruel that you thought of killing three birds with one stone! If directly led troops to save Shu Siyang, that is disobedient rebellion, and first sent an assassin to come, and then led troops to rescue, not only successfully framed the prince and him, but also let himself set up a glorious image of rescue in front of the people. Historically, to seize the throne is most afraid of the unknown teacher. Historically, the most taboo to seize the throne is that the name is not correct and the words are not correct. The man handled it all successfully. He can already see what's next. Abolish the crown prince and force Emperor Jing to abdicate, right? But he's not afraid. He has a weapon against that man, doesn't he? On the stage, Shang Muyan looked at the three corpses, closed his eyes slightly, opened them,Nail production machine, and ordered the people on the side in a deep voice, "Drag them down!" Finally, he raised his eyes and gave Shang Muyi a quick wink. Shang Muyi knows. Properly place the families of these three dead soldiers. One will succeed and ten thousand will wither!.
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