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Owangpura said respectfully, "There are all kinds of Yaku crystal stones. This is the filial piety of our spiritual city. Please accept it.". These fruits were bought from the city of Estek, and they are your favorite food. Qin Xiaotian said, "Eighteen boxes in total, all of which are divine crystals. They seem to be better than the divine crystals we got. They are all unrefined and unpolished." The crystal he got was stripped from the forbidden array and had consumed some energy. Of course, the quality was not as good as that seen now. Qing Di and others were secretly surprised, so easily carried out more than a dozen boxes of God crystal, that is, what they call Yaku crystal, Lingcheng seems to be very rich. They also have countless magic weapons and artifacts in their own hands, as well as a variety of top materials and crystals, but they will never give away so many divine crystals like Owangpra, which is totally unreasonable. Inexplicably fought, but played so many benefits, Qin Xiaotian said with a smile: "The custom here is really unique." Chi Ming grabbed a piece of Yaku crystal stone and answered in a strange tone: "The scenery here is unique." Qin Xiaotian laughed and said, "Silly, Jingduo, come.." Uh, no,Nail machine supplier, it should be the animal fool? Ha-ha Li Qiang shook his head and sighed, "You two are.." How dare you! Owangpra did not understand a word, but kept laughing, but his heart was completely relaxed. Because the rule here is that as long as you accept filial piety, you will not seize the spirit city. "Put it away," said Qing Di. "Since people are so respectful, we don't have to stand on ceremony." They are all people who have storage rings and collect their share with a wave of their hands. Owangpra opened his eyes wide and immediately realized that these people all had the storage treasures of the great lords,Coil nail machine, and he could not help but envy them. In this world, there are not as many storage treasures as there are in the realm of cultivation, nor can they be compared with the realm of immortals, which is extremely rare. Qing Di has not yet realized the wonder of the world. Here, whether people or animals, the most important thing is all kinds of magic weapons and elixirs, a suitable magic weapon can enhance their strength, fighting for magic weapons and elixirs is a very common thing. Most of the races here rely on natural magical powers and rough cultivation skills. They have a poor use of all kinds of genius treasures. They are only interested in things like divine crystals. It is hard to imagine how big the world is and how rich its products are. Owangpra did not feel sad at all when he sent out so many divine crystals, which was only one in ten thousand of his stock. Lingcheng has accumulated tens of thousands of years, and there are many materials such as Shenjing. Li Qiang came forward and chatted with Owangpula to learn more about the world. As the ruler of Spirit City, Owangpura did not know much, but he gave a very useful thing. It was a drawing as thin as a cicada's wing, which had to be checked with magic, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, recording the location of the spirit city and the cities that the teleportation array could reach. There are three cities that can communicate with Lingcheng, namely, Estek City, Tuyuanling and Arthur Bird Swamp, which are tens of billions of kilometers away from Lingcheng. Qin Xiaotian sighed that the vast territory here is really sparsely populated, every city is far apart, if not for the great ability to build a transport array, it is almost impossible to travel all over the world. Qing Di secretly calculated in his heart. Like Tiangu and Master Boju, he wanted to find a suitable place to practice. This world is very suitable for practice, but I don't know where the best or relatively good place to practice is. In the past, whether in the realm of immortals or in the realm of cultivation, as long as you go to a planet, you can find the most suitable spiritual vein with a sweep of divine consciousness. Here, the scope of divine scanning is not enough to determine the most suitable location. One of the news made Qing Di interested. When Li Qiang talked about the Yaku crystal, Owangpula said: "I heard that in the far east, there is a very large Yaku crystal vein, which is occupied by a Dapula." The so-called Dapra, is the meaning of the big Lord, the big Lord is very powerful, no one dares to provoke him. Qing Di asked, "Which city is it?"? Is there a name? Owangpura shook his triangular head and waved his hand. "I don't know. It's very far away. I have to pass through many cities. I haven't been there. I've only heard of it.". ” Qin Xiaotian asked, "How powerful is Dapra?"? Can you compare with us? With a mournful face, Owangpra stammered, "I.." I He did not dare to say, "The Great Lord is great," nor did he dare to say, "You are great.". If these people meet the big Lord, defeated, back to take out their anger, that is not worth it. Qing Di shook his head and stopped talking, motioning Li Qiang to continue talking to him. Li Qiang thought about it and asked, "What is the most powerful master here and how is it divided?" He's trying to position himself for these people. If the most powerful God here is similar to himself, he can find the right place to practice at will without worrying about anything else. If there is a more powerful existence here, it is also a good thing to exchange and learn. It is very important that spiritual practice is not all about hidden practice. Owangpra told everything he knew. This world is very strange. For example, human beings here are born at the level of the period of cultivation. In the realm of cultivation, this is already an introduction to cultivation, but here it is only a baby born. If you don't practice and grow up naturally, you can reach the heart stage or the spiritual silence stage, that is to say, you can reach the level of the primordial infant stage by one step. Of course, this is limited to local people who are born with good physique. Having the constitution of the primordial infant period does not mean having the cultivation of the primordial infant period. People who have the constitution of yuan Ying period here can never win if they deal with the master of yuan Ying period from the realm of cultivation. Human beings here have their own set of standards to measure the level of force. Li Qiang is not interested in their measurement standards, but only in the level masters. The recognized class masters here are the vagrants, guardians and high lords mentioned by Owangpra. The so-called guardians are generally the secret masters of more than a dozen big cities. They receive all kinds of offerings and can mobilize the resources of these cities when needed. Their obligation is to ensure the ultimate safety of the city,Nail machine manufacturer, as to who the Lord is, they do not ask, and no Lord dares to be rude to the guardian. 3shardware.com
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