Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School]

Turning to look at the tall and straight figure in front of him, Tang Xingying felt that everything was sweet, the long journey, suffering and suffering were nothing, it was worth it! The key is that the man's attitude is not clear, saying that he is stupid, he also knows to let himself follow him, let his guard company commander be responsible for his own safety. Say he's not stupid, but he didn't go any further. It is said that a woman's heart is a needle under the sea. I don't think this is right at all. It should be a needle under the sea in a man's heart. Besides, such an excellent man can not only see himself, but also see more girls, and I'm afraid there will be more in the future. I don't know what he thinks. I want to ask him, but I'm shy. Besides, the combat mission was so tight, and he was so busy that he had a lot of leaders, staff officers, and guards around him, and he had no chance to ask. In the future, the guard division will become more and more powerful, and there will be many excellent girls joining the army. Maybe someone will take a fancy to him like himself. You have to take good care of him. Don't let other girls confuse his eyes. In that case, you have no place to cry! In this way, Tang Xingying,lycopene for skin, a female soldier of the Red Army, looked at the pedestrians on Leshan Street for a while, and then secretly looked at the division commander in front of the team, with a pair of beautiful eyes dripping and turning. She is the most tired in the Red Army. Liu Yimin walked in the front of the team, with the experience of Yibin, it is not surprising to see the shabby appearance of Leshan. The streets are dark, the houses are dark, and even the cotton-padded robes worn by pedestrians are dark. There is a big contrast between this and the beautiful riverside city that Liu Yimin saw when he came to see the Leshan Giant Buddha before crossing. But on the other hand,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, when spring comes, the mountains and plains are covered with colorful colors, waterfowl fly on the river surface, coupled with the ancient city of green bricks and green tiles, it is really a wonderful literati painting of fishing boats singing in the evening and scholars singing. It's just that I came at the wrong time. It's the severe winter, the trees are depressed, and I can't see the beautiful scenery of spring. If only the Red Army could take this place as its base, with abundant products and manpower, it would not have to go to that poor place in northern Shaanxi to suffer from hunger. As long as we judge the hour and size up the situation and adopt more reasonable policies, a city with such conditions will soon develop and become a model city for the whole country. But after all, this is not realistic, everyone can see a good place, if the Red Army takes root here, Liu Xiang or Chiang Kai-shek, will inevitably poor the strength of the whole province, the strength of the whole country to fight with the Red Army, turmeric extract powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, after all, fertile land, everyone wants to occupy ah. Moreover, it is too far from the future anti-Japanese front to make use of the Red Army to achieve strategic objectives. It seems that he and his guard division can only be a passer-by in this city. If you want to be his master, you have to struggle for a long time. Liu Yimin thought as he walked. The more he thought about it, the more melancholy he felt. The more melancholy he felt, the more confused his mind became. He only felt that his chest was full. I couldn't help saying to Li Chengyi behind me, "Go and get some cigarettes. It's so stuffy." Li Chengyi knew that from the passage to Zhenyuan and then to Yibin, many cigarettes were captured. In addition to those handed over to the central government, there were many more in the logistics department, most of which were distributed to the soldiers. The division commander never smoked, so Li Chengyi didn't stay. Seeing that the division commander wanted it, Li Chengyi ran to the back, ready to find the main points of the logistics department. When Cai Zhong saw Liu Yimin asking Li Chengyi for a cigarette, he looked at Liu Yimin's face and said, "Well, there's nothing wrong with it!"! Why do you want to smoke while walking? He must have thought of something annoying again. It's really not easy for a young man to be such a big teacher and take on such a heavy task. Let him smoke if he wants to. Cai Zhong took out a bag of Hademen captured in Zhenyuan from his pocket, and then took out a box of matches and handed them to Liu Yimin. Liu Yimin trembled and lit a cigarette. He took a puff and choked his eyes with tears. He threw the cigarette away and muttered, "Grandma, it's so choking!" There was a light laugh behind him. Liu Yimin knew that it was Tang Xingying who was laughing at him. He put the cigarette into Cai Zhong's hand and said, "Let's go. Don't smoke any more. Go to the place and smoke again." Seeing a group of security troops and the Sichuan Army marching into the city, the people on Leshan Street were surprised, but there was no panic. Instead, some children ran after the troops and shouted, "We have passed the army!" Happy as the Spring Festival. The tea customers in the teahouse also had a topic of discussion, speculating about what these soldiers were doing. In the conference room of the Leshan Commissioner's Office, the Central Guard Division held a combat meeting attended by cadres above the company level. After the regiments briefly reported the completion of the task, Liu Yimin stood up and walked to the map of Sichuan that Zhang Yicheng had just hung up. He looked at the map and turned around and said: Comrades, we set out from Zunyi, attacked Gulin, Xuyong, Yibin and Leshan in succession, and went deep into the hinterland of Sichuan. Many comrades may wonder where we are going? What is our goal? Liu Yimin paused for a moment and looked at the cadres. "Now I want to tell you that we are going to attack Chengdu and occupy the Chengdu Plain." Except for a few division-level cadres, the other cadres did not know that the troops were going to attack Chengdu. Hearing what the division commander said, the meeting room was in a mess. The faces of the cadres were all excited. Some people even asked where Chengdu was and whether it was big or not. "Chengdu is the economic and cultural center of Sichuan and the largest city in the six southwestern provinces, with an urban population of about 500,000," said Liu Yimin, who waved his hand to stop the cadres' comments. The occupation of Chengdu is of great significance to our Red Army. Politically speaking, our army's occupation of Chengdu, the largest city in southwest China, proved the strength of the Red Army to the people of the whole country, greatly inspired the people's revolutionary enthusiasm, shocked the enemy, declared the bankruptcy of Chiang Kai-shek's policy of resisting foreign aggression and pacifying the interior, and urged the generals and officials with national self-esteem within the Kuomintang to reflect on their policies, so as to form a national anti-Japanese United front as soon as possible. From the military level, our army occupied Chengdu, and then occupied the whole Chengdu Plain,fenugreek saponins, which opened the door of the granary of Chengdu Plain, and also obtained a strong supplement of troops. The losses suffered by our Red Army since its retreat from the Soviet Area can be greatly compensated, and the overall strength can reach a new level. 。 prius-biotech.com
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