Tomb of God

Looking at the angry little princess, the covetous phoenix of the East, and the unfriendly crowd of onlookers, Chen Nan said, "All right, I'll tell you the truth. Your fifty thousand gold coins have been blackmailed by that despicable vice president." "I don't believe it!" Then the Eastern Phoenix stepped forward and said, "Please step back first. This guy clearly wants to deny it. How could the Dean do such a thing?". The only way to deal with such an odious scoundrel is by force. At this time, the magic genius girl's face was full of anger, and her stunning face was covered with frost. As soon as Chen Nan saw that the event was not good, he wanted to escape, but found that the onlookers had blocked the way intentionally or unintentionally. Miss Dongfang, I think the feud between us has been resolved. Didn't you say before the last duel that you wouldn't bother me if I won? Why did you block my way today? For many days, the rumors about Chen Nan and Oriental Phoenix have never stopped, which makes Oriental Phoenix flummoxed. Last time she thought it was a winning duel, but in the end she was defeated by Chen Nan, and was caught in his arms from the air, which made her feel ashamed and angry. These days, she was so angry that she wanted to seek revenge from Chen Nan many times,polyfoil tube, but she was stopped by her grandfather, Dongfang Old Man. Today she learned that Chen Nan came to the kamikaze college, immediately led a group of friends, early waiting at the gate of the college. "Shameless scum, even if I cut you to pieces, I can't get rid of my hatred." Oriental Phoenix was very emotional at this time, holding the right hand of the purple jade wand because of too much force,plastic laminted tube, the blue blood vessels have been clearly visible. She adjusted her mood a little and said, "Yes, you won last time. I'm not looking for trouble today. I'm looking for a duel with you." This.. Is that all right? Chen Nan is almost speechless, this is not looking for trouble. Miss East, you want to fight with me? But You seem to be no match for me, we. Is it necessary to continue? Chen Nan knows this trouble is inevitable, at the moment put on a pair of angry dead people do not pay for the expression of life, deliberately put on a contemptuous posture to the Oriental Phoenix. The phoenix of the East was in a hurry: "Ah … …" Last time you succeeded in a sneak attack, I will never give you another chance this time. I must kill you. When the time came, Chen Nan calmed down. "This is just a duel you proposed unilaterally," he said unhurriedly. "I haven't agreed yet." "You have no choice," the phoenix scolded. "I won't let you go unless you fight me." "I don't want to fight with people for no reason, tube lip gloss ,plastic packaging tube," said Chen Nan. "Last time I fought you so that I wouldn't be hunted down. For what this time? Why don't we add something to the prize? The winner should have something to gain. What do you think? The Eastern Phoenix nodded and said, "Well, if I lose, I won't ask you for the fifty thousand gold coins." The little princess immediately protested, "No, Sister Phoenix, although you and I are as close as sisters, you can't gamble with my property." "Don't you think I can't beat him? I promise I'll kill him this time," said the Eastern Phoenix. The little princess whispered, "You lost to him last time, but this time …" "Little trouble, what are you whispering about? Don't you believe me?" Asked the Oriental Phoenix. The little princess shook her head and said, "Of course I believe you, but.." I still don't agree. "Why?" Because.. Because "Why? Do you agree or disagree?" "Sister Phoenix, fifty thousand gold coins is too big a bet. Let's look at his bet before making a decision." Looking at the sly little princess, Chen Nan smiled and said, "My sister doesn't want you to throw away tens of thousands of gold coins. Although we are brother and sister, when it comes to property, brother and sister always settle accounts." "Don't be arrogant, scum. This time you're dead." Then the Eastern Phoenix turned to the little princess and said, "Do you really think I will lose to him?" "Of course not," cried the little princess. "It's not that you don't know that this fellow is not my brother at all. He is the most shameless and scoundrel. 」 "What's your bet, scum?" Asked the Eastern Phoenix in a cold voice. Chen Nan felt it and took out the gold coins in his pocket. "That's all I have.." he said. "Coax" Onlookers laughed again, people want to take fifty thousand gold coins as a bet, but he only took out so few gold coins, it is disproportionate. "How dare you tease me.." said the Eastern Phoenix angrily. "I don't mean to make fun of you. I really only have a few gold coins." "I think you'd better bet your life," said the Eastern Phoenix coldly. "Otherwise, I won't let you go after I defeat you. You can take your life as a bet." "How can I do that?" Chen Nan asked. "I'm gambling with my life. What are you gambling with?" "I'm also gambling on my life," said the Eastern Phoenix. "Today you and I won't die!" The atmosphere in the field immediately became tense, and more and more students came after hearing the news, which had already surrounded the place, and the number of people was still increasing. In the crowd, there is no lack of loyal and fanatical pursuers of the Oriental Phoenix. These people are very hostile to Chen Nan. Many of them are ready to fight and ready to fight when necessary. Chen Nan looked at the Eastern Phoenix with a murderous look on his face and said, "You don't have to be so cruel. We don't have to fight to the death, do we?" The Eastern Phoenix raised the purple jade wand in her hand and said, "You shameless scum, today you are here without me, and I am here without you." Chen Nan touched his nose and said, "It's better to have me instead of you." "Did you all hear that?" The Eastern Phoenix said to the crowd outside. "This scum is ready to gamble with his own life. It won't be my fault if I kill him." "Death is the greatest punishment for me, but not for you," said Chen Nan. "So you have to change your bet. If you lose to me,empty cosmetic tubes, you will be my maid for a month. As soon as this remark was made, there was a great uproar among the onlookers, who never expected that he would make such a request. Oriental Phoenix is a talented girl in the magic department. She is rated as one of the six stunning beauties in the college by a busybody. It is really too much to make such a request to such a proud girl than to kill her.
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