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When Liang Xiao mounted the wooden platform, Shi Tianfeng stamped his foot and said, "Liang Xiao, why don't you catch the man back?" Everyone looked puzzled. Liang Xiao shook his head and said, "a real man has something to do and something not to do. I'm very sorry about this.". But now that I'm back, I'll live and die with you and guard the Secret Palace! Jin Wen said with a sneer, "I think you've discussed it with the Tartars. You've come back to be a spy and want to sell the Tianji Palace.." Before he had finished speaking, Yunshu suddenly snapped, "Shut up." As soon as Jin Wen was drunk by him, he was speechless. Yunshu gazed at the sky and said in a deep voice, "Wen, remember.". Although he is a powerful enemy, he is not a treacherous villain. Even if others can do such a despicable thing, he can't do it. Although he said so in his mouth, he did not look at Liang Xiao from beginning to end. As soon as Yunshu said a word, others had nothing to say. Jin Wen took a look at Liang Xiao and stepped down resentfully. Liang Xiao also did not expect that the cloud would speak to excuse himself, the heart is not full of taste. Gong Yangyu nodded his head and said, "That's right. In the face of a formidable enemy, don't fall into the Tartar's trap of alienating others." With a wry smile, Liang Xiao thought, "Maybe it's really a plan to alienate people. But he's ruthless. I can't be unrighteous. Besides, Tu Tu Ha is right. Today's World War I is inevitable. It's useless to catch him." They watched quietly, not for a while, only to hear the drums of war, the yuan army warships galloped out of the gorge, to the Qiyue Valley, the bow foot soldiers pulled full of strong bows and crossbows, arrowheads shining in the sun. "Qingyuan," said Hua Wuhu, "you should lead the disciples in the palace to tear down this wooden platform, then hide in the stone circle and guard the entrance. The others will follow me back to the palace." When Hua Qingyuan was ordered to remove the wooden platform, the yuan army was already approaching the arrow, and they had to retreat to the stone circle. Waiting in the palace for a moment,Stainless Steel Toilet China, everyone looked sad. "Teacher's wife," Yunshu said suddenly, "according to the art of war, once Taniguchi is blocked by warships, there will be no way out. I'm afraid it will be a place of death." Hua Wu shook his head and said, "It doesn't matter. Even if Ming Gui is in the middle to lead the way, I still have a pivot in the valley. If the Tartars enter the array, I will manipulate the pivot and change the direction of the array so that they can't get in or out. They will starve to death in the array.". There is grain in the valley for twenty years, and we have planted vegetables and raised livestock, so we can compare our patience with the Tartars. Yunshu sighed and said, "I hope it's as the teacher's wife said." Frown and step aside. At night, the voice of the yuan army outside the valley was like thunder,stainless steel shower tray, and it spread far and wide into the valley. No one could sleep a wink, and everyone listened quietly. In the early morning of the next day, Hua Qingyuan sent someone to report that the yuan army had not yet been formed. There was a look of anxiety between Hua Wu's eyebrows, and she walked up and down with her hands on her back. Gong Yangyu also sat on the chair, frowning and meditating. Liang Xiao, Yun Shu, Jiu Ru, Liao Qing and Ling Shuiyue were all silent. Even Shi Tianfeng felt that the atmosphere was different and there were no words. Arrived around Chen, suddenly heard a shout from the yuan army, and then there was a loud noise, like a bolt from the blue. As soon as they jumped to their feet, Liang Xiao and Yun Shu shouted in unison, "Coming!" Hua Wu stopped, his face was like ice, and his body was shaking. Ram Feather stood up slowly and took her hand. Moments later, there was another loud noise, and then three times in a row, and the last one was particularly loud, as if something had collapsed with it. Suddenly Ye Zhao ran into the hall with a stream of smoke. His face turned pale and he said in a trembling voice, "It's no good. The Tartars have destroyed the'Tianxuan 'wheel with their cannons." Hua Wu shook his body and sat on the chair, his eyes dull and his face bloodless. Yunshu stood up and said flatly, "It's better to strike hard than to wait for death." With a wave of his arm, Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel toilet, he shouted, "It's a hero. Come with me!" Qunhao promised with a bang, and then ran out, followed by the great masters. Shi Tianfeng, regardless of the pain, also wanted to keep up, but somehow he was persuaded by Ling Shuiyue. Qunhao out of the stone circle, I saw the yuan army will be a line of warships, like the city, see the people out of the valley, random arrows, Qunhao armed with a shield blade, drink in unison, struggling to rush up. The yuan army sent out a hard crossbow rocket, which was extremely strong, and the iron shield was broken with one blow. All of a sudden, Qunhao cried out. Liang Xiao, Yun Shu, Jiu Ru, Peanut and Gong Yangyu, the five great masters, braved the arrow stone and rushed to the warship. Jiu Ru and his disciples, armed with giant trees, rose up and swept around. Wherever they went, the warship was smashed. Gong Yangyu and his disciples came out with two swords. No one could be in the army. Liang Xiao, armed with a sword of punishment, went straight through the enemy and ran to the front of the cast iron cannon. The purple lightning flashed in his palm, and the gold and iron roared. With the power of a sword, he connected the iron cannon to the gunner and cut it into two sections. Liang Xiao destroyed a gun, like a whirlwind around the arrow rain, jumped onto another warship, the sky punishment sword swing open the crowd, purple light in and out, and destroyed a gun. Not for a while, Liang Xiao destroyed all five iron cannons, only to hear the cry behind him, looking back, the heroes have been killed and wounded everywhere, blood-stained lake water, ram feather in an arrow, protected by the cloud and fight and retreat, nine such as master and disciples with a heavy weapon, the warship is destroyed near the shore, but the yuan warship constantly sailed out of Caibei Gorge, scattered into a circle, shot across the water, strong arrows like rain, It seems that there is no rest. Jiuru waved a huge tree to block the arrow and shouted, "Liang Xiao, back up." With a sigh, Liang Xiao jumped down from the warship and fell with a sword in the air. As far as the sword was concerned, the warship was split into two sections. Then he struggled to break out of the tight encirclement, stepped ashore, protected the wounded, and retreated to the stone circle. Back to the palace, a little number of people, unexpectedly folded 30%, the rest are mostly injured. Both Ram Feather and Peanut were hit by arrows. Ram Feather was particularly seriously injured, but he was stubborn and arrogant. Even though his clothes were stained with blood, he did not change his air and never let anyone help him. Hua Xiaoshuang and Zhao brought the wound medicine to treat the wound. Shi Yaofeng was so stuffy that when he saw the ram feather in the distance, he laughed and said, "Poor old man, did you get an arrow, too?"? Wonderful, wonderful. "Old man," Ling Shuiyue shouted, "you're still talking nonsense at this time." Shi Tianfeng said angrily, "You also said that if I let Lao Tzu go, I would kill the Tartars and beg for mercy one by one. Although the poor old man is not good at martial arts, he won't be hurt so badly with Lao Tzu watching." Hearing this, Gong Yangyu was annoyed and said,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, "Shi, you can only talk. Why didn't I see your shadow just now?"? Hum, are the masters of Lingao Island all masters of shrinking tortoise shells? 。 cnkexin.com
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