10 Must Visit Ancient Mosques around the World

Since the advent of Islam, many mosques have been built. Some of them were built in accordance with some historical moment and some of them as an architectural output by Muslims in the way of love with Allah SWT and his prophet Muhammad SAW. Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages allow as joining with others to perform Umrah and reach that city which is the city of Allah SWT and his prophet Muhammad SAW. We can find many ancient mosques in these two holy cities of Makah and Medina, but here we will discuss the top 10 ancient mosques in the world.
Masjid Al Haram
Top of the list, without any doubt, Masjid Al Haram is one of the most attractive and sacred mosques in the world. The finest and the most significant thing of the mosque is the house of Allah SWT, which is the most spiritual and iconic structure in the world for all Muslims. Masjid-Al-Haram can provide space to around 1.5 million people in it. A great blend of ancient and modern art makes this mosque a more stunning place to pray.
Masjid Nabwai:
In Medina, Mosque Nabwi is the second most sacred mosque in the world. The real attraction of this mosque is the grave of Holly Prophet SAW. People around the world, come to this mosque in the love of our holy prophet Muhammad SAW. Those Muslims, who went for Hajj or Umrah, must visit this mosque. The old Turkish and modern architecture is astonishing.
Masjid Quba:
This mosque is also called the first mosque of Islam as when Holly Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated to Medina from Makah, the place where he took his first stop at the same place he built this masjid by his own hands. Since that time, this masjid has been a visiting place for Muslims. Muslims come to this masjid and offer two Rakat Nafals here.
Sultan Ahmed Mosque: Istanbul
Istanbul remained at the center of Islamic rule; so many mosques were built during that era. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as the blue mosque is one of the great displays of beauty. The blue Iznik tile in the construction of the mosque named it the blue mosque. This Ottoman mosque has six minarets and one of the great courtyards. 
Badshahi Mosque: Pakistan
Mughal Architectural designed this Badshahi Mosque, which is located in the center of Lahore city of Pakistan. Great red marble work and the four minarets of the mosque with a large courtyard make this mosque of the most stunning mosque in the country.
Jama Mosque: Agra India:
16th century’s great construction by the emperor Shah Jahan, this mosque is one of the historical mosques in India. One of the most visited mosques in the world and a preferred tourist destination place in Agra. Arabic and Persian blends of art can be seen in the construction of this grand mosque.
Mosque Putra: Malaysia
This mosque is known as the pink masque as rose-shaded stonework was used in the construction of the mosque. This mosque was built in1997 in Putrajaya town along the town building. This mosque is in front of the Prime Minister's house considered one of the most spectacular constructions.
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosques: Oman
This grand mosque is a gift by the great ruler Sultan Qaboos to its country fellows. It is known as the central mosque of Oman, which is also open for non-Muslims to visit and learn Islamic traditions. The five pillars of the mosque are based on the five pillars of Islam.
Hazrat Sultan Masque: Kazakhstan
The Kazakh ornaments can be seen in the construction of this grand mosque. This mosque is considered the largest mosque in central Asia. The four minarets and the largest dome make this mosque unmatched by others.
Bibi-Khanum Mosque: Uzbekistan
This mosque was built in order to honor Tamerlane’s favorite wife Bibi-Khanum on his tour return from India. This was one of the largest mosques in the world but during the earthquake in 1897, some parts of the mosque were damaged which were later restored to their actual position. Three domes and 8 minarets are the true beauty of the mosque.
Mosques are considered the house of Allah SWT, and most of the sacred mosques are in the holy cities of Makah and Medina. We can visit these mosques by availing of Cheap Umrah packages London at a very low manageable price. 
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