Uses of Azure File Shares

Azure Files offers completely managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible through the industry standard Server Message Block protocol, Network File System protocol, & Azure Files REST API. Azure file shares can be mounted alongside cloud or on-premises deployments. Azure file shares are accessible from Windows and macOS clients. Azure file shares are accessible from Linux and macOS clients. Additionally, Azure file shares can be cached on Windows servers with Azure File Sync for faster access near where the data is being used.


The common use cases of Azure Files are:


Replace your server with a serverless Azure file share

Getting started with profile containers on Azure Files in Azure Virtual Desktop leveraging authentication


Why Azure Files is very useful


Azure file shares can also be used to:


Replace or extra on-premises file servers:


    Azure Files can be used to substitute or supplement traditional on-premises file servers or network storage devices. Popular operating systems such as Windows, and Linux can directly mount Azure file shares anywhere they are in the world. Azure file shares can be replicated with Azure File Sync to Windows servers, either on the premises or in the cloud, for routine and distributed caching of the data. With the Azure Files AD Authentication, Azure file shares can work with Active Directory Domain Services hosted on-premises for access control.


The Lift and shift applications of Azure file shares:


    Azure Files always makes it easy to "lift and shift" applications to the cloud that expect a big file share to store the file application or user data. Azure Files also enables both the classic lift and the shifting scenario, where both the application & its data are moved to Azure, and all the hybrid lift and shift scenarios, where the application data is always moved to Azure Files, and the application always continues to run on-premises.

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