Everything You Need To Know About Automated QA Testing

You desire to maximize efficiency within your development cycle so that your team delivers quality product releases. It would help if you also maximized efficiency to stay competitive within your industry and increase ROI monthly, year after year. After implementing automated testing into their development, many businesses have experienced instant benefits. But what automated QA testing software actually is? And what kinds of tests can be automated? 


Automated testing tools for web applications involve automation tools that execute test scripts and predefined actions on a software application. A robust automation testing tool records real outcomes and compares them with expected results to forge detailed test reports. Unlike manual testing, test automation does not require human testers to thoroughly each test case manually. Rather, trained experts on your team navigate the procedure by setting up the test automation tool's test scripts to perform, interpret the test results upon completion and provide feedback so the development team can correct any faults.


Advantage of QA testing: 


  • Apart from the initial investment and design costs, automated QA testing spends for itself in the long term. With the help of automated test script set-up, it takes minimal maintenance to observe test execution and troubleshoot any script collapses.
  • With the assistance of QA testing, it can be very easy for you to implement multiple test cases across various computers simultaneously and provide coverage unmatched by manual testing. 
  • Manual testers are a kind of humans who need breaks, apart from their 9-to-5 job, and they need proper sleep as well. Automated QA testing can conduct tests around the clock without restricting the quantity or quality of test performance.


If you want to know more about QA testing, you can go through TestJet. It is a QA automation company created to create a new era to the testing testing landscape. Their AI driven tools assist so many companies scale their testing efforts and decrease the cost at some point. 

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