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When using Amazon SQS how much data can you store in a message?

  • A. 2 KB
  • B. 16 KB
  • C. 8 KB
  • D. 4 KB

Answer: C

With Amazon SQS version 2008-01-01, the maximum message size for both SOAP and Query requests is 8KB.
If you need to send messages to the queue that are larger than 8 KB, AWS recommends that you split the information into separate messages. Alternatively, you could use Amazon S3 or Amazon SimpleDB to hold the information and include the pointer to that information in the Amazon SQS message. If you send a message that is larger than 8KB to the queue, you will receive a MessageTooLong error with HTTP code 400.


You have an application consisting of a stateless web server tier running on Amazon EC2 instances behind load balancer, and are using Amazon RDS with read replicas. Which of the following methods should you use to implement a self-healing and cost-effective architecture?
Choose 2 answers from the optionsgiven below

  • A. Set up scripts on each Amazon EC2 instance to frequently send ICMP pings to the load balancer in order to determine which instance is unhealthy and replace it.
  • B. Set up a third-party monitoring solution on a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances in order to emit custom Cloud Watch metrics to trigger the termination of unhealthy Amazon EC2 instances.
  • C. Use an Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployment.
  • D. Set up an Auto Scalinggroup for the web server tier along with an Auto Scaling policy that uses the Amazon RDS DB CPU utilization Cloud Watch metric to scale the instances.
  • E. Set up an Auto Scalinggroup for the database tier along with an Auto Scaling policy that uses the Amazon RDS read replica lag CloudWatch metric to scale out the Amazon RDS read replicas.
  • F. Set up an Auto Scalinggroup for the web server tier along with an Auto Scaling policy that uses the Amazon EC2 CPU utilization CloudWatch metric to scale the instances.
  • G. Use a larger Amazon EC2 instance type for the web server tier and a larger DB instance type for the data storage layer to ensure that they don't become unhealthy.

Answer: C,F

The scaling of CC2 Instances in the Autoscaling group is normally done with the metric of the CPU utilization of the current instances in the Autoscaling group For more information on scaling in your Autoscaling Group, please refer to the below link: mple-step.html Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments provide enhanced availability and durability for Database (DB) Instances, making them a natural fit for production database workloads. When you provision a Multi- AZ DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically creates a primary DB Instance and synchronously replicates the data to a standby instance in a different Availability Zone (AZ). Cach AZ runs on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure, and is engineered to be highly reliable. In case of an infrastructure failure, Amazon RDS performs an automatic failover to the standby for to a read replica in the case of Amazon Aurora), so that you can resume database operations as soon as the failover is complete. For more information on RDS Multi-AZ please refer to the below link:
Option A is invalid because if you already have in-built metrics from Cloudwatch, why would you want to spend more in using a a third-party monitoring solution.
Option B is invalid because health checks are already a feature of AWS CLB Option C is invalid because the database CPU usage should not be used to scale the web tier.
Option C is invalid because increasing the instance size does not always guarantee that the solution will not become unhealthy.
Option F is invalid because increasing Read-Replica's will not suffice for write operations if the primary DB fails.


You need to investigate one of the instances which is part of your Autoscaling Group. How would you
implement this.

  • A. Suspend the AZRebalance process so that Autoscaling will not terminate the instance
  • B. Suspend the AddToLoadBalancer process
  • C. Put the instance in a InService state
  • D. Put the instance in a standby state

Answer: D

The AWS Documentation mentions
Auto Scaling enables you to put an instance that is in the InService state into the Standbystate, update or
troubleshoot the instance, and then return the instance to
service. Instances that are on standby are still part of the Auto Scaling group, but they do not actively handle
application traffic.
For more information on the standby state please refer to the below link:


You need the absolute highest possible network performance for a cluster computing application. You already selected homogeneous instance types supporting 10 gigabit enhanced networking, made sure that your workload was network bound, and put the instances in a placement group. What is the last optimization you can make?

  • A. Use 9001 MTU instead of 1500 for Jumbo Frames, to raise packet body to packet overhead ratios.
  • B. Turn off SYN/ACK on your TCP stack or begin using UDP for higher throughput.
  • C. Segregate the instances into different peered VPCs while keeping them all in a placement group, so each one has its own Internet Gateway.
  • D. Bake an AMI for the instances and relaunch, so the instances are fresh in the placement group and do not have noisy neighbors.

Answer: A

Jumbo frames allow more than 1500 bytes of data by increasing the payload size per packet, and thus increasing the percentage of the packet that is not packet overhead. Fewer packets are needed to send the same amount of usable data. However, outside of a given AWS region (CC2-Classic), a single VPC, or a VPC peering connection, you will experience a maximum path of 1500 MTU. VPN connections and traffic sent over an Internet gateway are limited to 1500 MTU. If packets are over
1500 bytes, they are fragmented, or they are dropped if the Don't Fragment flag is set in the IP header.
For more information on Jumbo Frames, please visit the below URL:



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