Difference Between 48V Vs 52V Ebike battery (Real Test)

Difference Between 48V Vs 52V Ebike battery (Real Test)

What is a 48 V battery & 52 V battery?

The 48-volt and 52-volt battery is a group of lithium cells connected in series.The average power of one cell is 3.6 volts (it can be more than this with a maximum of 4.2 volts)To get more news about 48v VS 52v ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Based on this, the 48-volt battery consists of 13 lithium cells connected in series (48/3.6).The 52-volt battery consists of 14 lithium cells connected in series (52 / 3.6).

Based on this, it is clear from the previous explanation that there is one cell rubbing between the 48-volt battery and the 52-volt battery.You may say that the difference is not that big, or that the two batteries are considered to be very similar
In fact, it is not entirely so

In order to clarify this matter, we will need to go into a little bit about what is happening inside each of the two batteries in order to know what the real differences are.
When you fully charge your bike battery, all the cells are at their highest voltage, but as soon as you turn it on and start riding electric bikes, the charge level starts to go down, and not only that but also the amount of voltage pulled from the battery.

But when the battery reaches a charge level of 20% or less, the output voltage level does not exceed 39 volts, and the reason for this is that the battery has a system called the BMS, and this system monitors the voltage pulled from all the cells and shuts down the battery when the danger limit is reached

When the cell voltage starts to reach 3 voltage or less, it reduces the voltage output in order to preserve the battery cells.As for the 52 battery, it will output 52 volts when it is 100% charged. And when it reaches a charge rate of 20% or less, it will output 42 volts.
Since getting a high speed from the motor requires an increased volt, this means that the 52nd battery will give you a higher speed even at low charge levels.
Let’s explain what is the percentage increase in the performance of your electric bike if you decide to buy a 52-volt battery

When we speak in numbers, the expected increase in performance is equivalent to about 7.5%, which is equivalent to approximately 100 watt-hours.

This increase in performance can be exploited to increase the speed of the electric bike or to increase the range if you are going to ride your electric bike at the same speedFrom the previous parts in this post, I think that it turns out that the 52-volt battery is better than the 48-volt battery in terms of increased speed and performance, but in order for the matter to be more realistic, you should take a look at some of the points that you should take into account when upgrading from a 48-volt battery to a battery 52 volts.

1- Price.

As we mentioned in this post, the expected increase in performance is about 7.5%, but does this mean that you will pay the same percentage as an increase in the price?!
2-Repairing cost.

One of the points that you should take into account is the cost of repairing the battery in case it needs maintenance The reason for the increase in the maintenance price is not only due to the presence of an additional cell inside the 52-volt battery, but because the internal battery management system BMS has a higher capacity, which will increase the cost of maintenance in case you need to change.

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