This brand new INSANE Bleed Build is Actually BROKEN OP - Triple Blood = MASSIVE Damage - Elden Ring




Yes, this is the third bleeding process experienced by members of the millennial generation in fewer than three seconds when they do not perform well. A previously harmless and underappreciated war has been transformed by the 07 patch into a new and improved ultimate bleeding machine. Therefore, when I say that I will present you with the ultimate bleeding build today, or at the very least, the new ultimate bleeding build ever since, I am referring to what has occurred since the doubles. Epicure is to be commended. Let's be completely candid here: we have successfully narrowed the search in order to locate the maximum amount of bleeding that occurs during each test, also known as the BPT. The BPT from today represents a new high.




Then, as I mentioned in the previous battle, you will do some damage to yourself, and then you will fire a very low range, low speed, high drop projectile that will cause some good damage to the blood, and it will produce some creepy bleeding. This is the extent of its functionality. It is not as dark as many other bleeding-based Ashes of War, but it is still quite pale. You can see that it is meaningful despite the fact that it was only changed slightly in version 1.07. As a result, nobody really believes that it will be successful to the same extent. However, it is a very bloody situation. Since then, it has gained more power, which is, of course, very encouraging.




You really ought to give it a shot at some point. Prior to that, we did not really connect with one another or cause any harm. We didn't make it good now. The fact of the matter is, however, that you can now shoot both with a weapon and with a bleeding blade, which indicates that you have a weapon effect in addition to a weapon state. You can't just shoot the blood blade and accumulate a little bit more blood blade, and you can't just use the existing blood  to shoot the blood blade and accumulate more blood blades. However, you can use the blood buy Elden Ring runes that have been covered by the blood flame to shoot the blood blade. Also, make sure that you bleed every time you swing the weapon.

At the very least, you can use the sword if the resistance of the opponent permits it. However, despite having a higher resistance, you will still make between 80 and 90 percent of the blood stick back and forth, which is absurd. In addition, when facing the boss, you should mentally prepare yourself for the fact that every other swing will cause you to bleed. I'm not sure why people like Melania are helpless and will eventually pass away, but it seems that way. But even in the case of bosses who are overweight, this can cause a great deal of damage because it ensures that you will always get one twentieth of their health and prosperity. If you think about it for even a short period of time, you'll realize how ridiculous it is. You've just been awarded the victory, which is very exciting. It's insanity, but the situation gets significantly worse with each new pure bleeding.

As I just mentioned, the price is quite high. At least there is no way to successfully compete with it. Even in PvP, if someone tries to trade with this point, even if it's only for one second, it is difficult to stop it. I don't know if you will get a compound effect of three times bleeding, and even if you do, it will be difficult to stop. Absolutely, they will blow up. It is important to keep in mind that you do not have to get started on it as quickly as possible. You can delay the subsequent input and still keep changing to confuse your timing as a warning, but doing so will cost you energy each time you start the blood blade. This means that you can do what I do here if you aren't paying close attention to your endurance.

It is going to be very exciting for him to make a deal with the blood blade and then die. Why does it stop? I have used up all of my remaining strength, and as a result, I am now dead. Oh, you're absolutely right; it is quite depressing; therefore, I conducted a brief study. You basically have two options: you can either use arcane scaling bleeding weapons, which means that you cannot burn it with blood flame, and then it will cause more initial damage, but much less overall damage. Alternatively, you can use normal bleeding weapons, which means that you can burn it with blood flame. You can still polish your weapons, and of course you can apply flame to them if they have affinity. Therefore, we went with a very powerful AR weapon that has a very long barrel. It is an excellent example of a samurai sword. It has natural bleeding, and it scales well with your deck in terms of mana requirements. It is necessary to position it in that location before we can polish it. When the blood is being burned, of course, there is a sweet atmosphere there, and it is truly the best in the whole wide world.

It is here that we sustain injuries, despite the fact that our foundation is flawless. In Keen, we have a horse herder who is armed with a blood blade. The blood flame blade flame, which is a seal representing the traditional Buffs trio and provides me with strength, is in our possession. The blood flame blade deals a very slight amount of fire damage to you, and this will increase that damage slightly. This is on par with physics and the precious metal gold.

It will make my body better in 15 different ways. Kindly, and many thanks. The beauty of this cannot be denied. The white mask will deal an additional ten points of damage after you have bled on the ashes of the war for a total of 15 times. Because if you really get a good back and forth chain, you can climb up and get these two additional 40 points of damage, and then when you stop bleeding, the king of blood will get an additional 20 points of damage, so you won't attack continuously and keep a little balance, our two consecutive attacks will allow you to use more powerful amulets on Millicent's artificial limbs and rotten wings. This is because if you really get a good back and forth chain, you can climb upYou are able to launch an attack at the same time that you initiate the bleeding chain in this way. This is possible due to the fact that as soon as the first bleeding takes place, the enemy is killed and the battle is over. PvP refers to the actual activity here.

It's possible that I'll suggest that you swap these two fake teeth for some rotten wings, like the one that represents the dragon shield. It is possible that some bulls will go to Bosse despite the fact that it is not required there; however, you are free to experiment to determine what works best for you. The strategy is straightforward: first, you need to pick yourself up, then you need to find a good opening in any enemy you are fighting, and finally, you need to begin slashing back and forth. You will first receive blood from the two blows that deal the most damage to you, and after that, you will continue to advance forward until everything in front of you is eliminated into the blood pool that is in front of you.

Unbelievable, satisfying, and extremely potent all at the same time. Just consider this swing to be a regular strike from the weapon for our purposes here. Indeed, it ended up transforming into the most potent form of blade power, which altered the entire dynamic of the conflict. It is a very interesting tool to use, but it also possesses a great deal of power. Even if you don't have the gimmick that I do of weaving a bloody blade, you still have a solid blood burning nagakigo Katana building, which is very powerful in and of itself. Just to prove the significance of having it, this option is very good in any big opening you may get. Of course, you just have a solid blood burning nagakigo Katana building. Since you do possess a trace amount of faith, it goes without saying that you are able to concoct any spell that you desire. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. The fact of the matter is, however, that the existing blood blade can apply blood in three distinct ways with each swing, which will make it an absolute monster. Becoming a polluting power station is something that deserves your attention right now.

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