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In recent years, under the tide of the Internet, with the rapid development of e-commerce, footwear and clothing private customization services that had no connection with ordinary civilians in the past have gradually become popular. Due to the economic development and the improvement of living standards, private customization, with its convenient and obvious characteristics, meets the needs of the public to create personalized appearance through the pursuit of creativity (creative stores) and comfortable footwear. (Print on Demand)
Customization means that one person has one version, which is unique in the world. It originated from luxury goods, that is to say, the services enjoyed by nobles are mainly leather goods and western-style clothes. In the early days, it was relatively developed in European countries, such as Italy and France. Of course, today, the handicraft technology in these countries is also the most advanced in the world. Many famous shoes and clothing, such as Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton franchise store), and Italy's old Gucci, are all handmade, which, of course, is expensive. Because the private customization under the traditional mode considers more the personalized needs of consumers, it is difficult to achieve mass production, so the cost is generally high, and the price is naturally high. For example, it usually takes one to three months to customize a suit, which requires more than three times of trial wearing and modification. More than 90% of the processes need to be completed by hand, and the production hours are quite long. Because of this, the cost is greatly increased. (Print on Demand)
With the development of network technology, many brands, such as Converse and Vans, have started to try online customization of canvas shoes. Today's network gathers scattered customization orders from all over the country. The number of orders across the country is also considerable. With the increase of the base number, the scale effect can be brought into play on the whole, thus reducing the cost of single customization. Compared with the past, the current price of online customization is more user-friendly, and the public can enjoy private customization services at an acceptable price. Due to the lower unit price of customization, more and more people are keen on private customization, and major brands are also targeting the right time. Nike and Adidas (Adidas stores) have also started to provide customization services to consumers. (Print on Demand)
It is understood that online customization has risen many years ago. The earliest products were concentrated on some food, accessories and furniture, such as customizing special gifts on special holidays, printing photos on cups, etc. In recent years, customization services have begun to shift to the footwear industry. The customization scheme has also changed from simply painting canvas shoes to tailoring clothes for consumers, and can also meet the needs of customers' independent design. In fact, the development of footwear and clothing industry was originally personalized customization, but later it was replaced by low-cost mass production. Nowadays, with the advanced network technology, combined with the low cost advantage of large-scale production and the high added value brought by customization, large-scale customization is bound to change the manufacturing industry, and customization services will eventually become large-scale and popular. (Print on Demand)
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