Underwear for women

Everyone knows that women love beautiful lingerie. But underwear is daily and erotic, such as lingerie bondage. This is not put on every day; it is a special occasion that will appreciate the man.
Frank panty models

Revealed types of panties - often found in sets of erotic lingerie. Tempting locations are chosen for special occasions when women must look sexy and irresistible. Among the most common variants of the name of this women's underwear sound the most common:
Slips - panties that cover the buttocks but have fairly open sides in mid-thigh.
Thongs - a model with a small triangle in the front and a narrow strip in the back, located between the buttocks.
Brasiliano - a variant that combines elements of thongs and slips. It is created with a wide part at the waist and gradually narrows to form a triangle.
At the same time, erotic panties can be combined with more classic styles. The choice of options is very wide and makes it possible to choose the best set for special occasions.

Bras are items of underwear designed to keep your breasts beautiful and healthy. Casual variants and erotic ones can be easily worn under clothing without causing the owner any inconvenience. Plenty of options for bras allow you to choose models of any size and color and support different functional features.

Bandeau model is a strip of fabric with no straps. The bra of this format may consist of lace, knitwear, or other material distinguished by its strength and elasticity. The final choice of fabric depends on the function to be performed by the bra. For example, a bandeau made of elastic materials supports the breasts, which is especially suitable for women with small shapes. 
Women with neat breasts can use a molded shape or models equipped with a Push-up to enhance the effect. Bras of this format can be smooth or draped with decorative elements such as lace and embroidery. These models go well with simple sets and will be little noticeable under clothing. 


The translation from English helps to understand why this is the name of the underwear. "Push up" translates as raise or increase, which duly reflects the functional features of this closet item. Models of this type feature foam inserts located in the cup area. In Push up versions, the breasts get additional volume and are lifted and fixed in a certain position.
For women with small breasts, Push-up is the best way to correct their position. It is an alternative to expensive plastic surgery, which does not require the same time and 
financial costs.  
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