Glass Diffuser Bottle

The Glass Diffuser Bottle is available for refreshing your bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen and anywhere else fragrance is needed. Our glass aromatherapy bottle is delicate and heavy, there are 50ml, 150ml, 200ml various capacities to choose from.

Reed diffusers generally use narrow-necked glass bottles, in which essential oils or perfumes are added. The cane is inserted into the bottle to absorb the liquid in the bottle, and release the aroma into the surrounding air.

We have reed diffuser bottles in a variety of styles that are perfect as decorations for living rooms, bathrooms, offices, weddings, parties or other events. You can pour your favorite reed diffuser oil, and then freely DIY the reed diffuser accessories into your favorite combination to become a unique creative decoration.

Glass Diffuser Bottle Features

The empty diffuser bottles are made of high-quality glass material, durable, beautiful and practical.

The Glass Reed Diffuser Bottle is suitable for packaging aromatherapy, essential oils and other items.

A variety of colors to choose from, black, blue, red or other gradient colors.

Classic glass aromatherapy bottle can be used as DIY crafts, home decor. Pour aromatic essential oils into empty diffuser bottles, insert reeds, and spread the aroma to every corner of the home, filling the room with a fresh and natural aroma and improving air quality.

These colorful glass diffuser bottles are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room’s decor. Empty glass bottles paired with diffuser oil are perfect for everyday use, weddings, events, aromatherapy and more to beautify the scents in the air.

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