Salesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce PortalXpand: A Dive Into Similarities

Salesforce Experience Cloud has this one line in their copy, “Build your experience,” and I think that both summarizes the product and invites you to explore it. There is nothing more I love than good copy, and that was an example of it.

But coming to the topic at hand, what is the Experience Cloud? How does it help you build a promising experience for your customers and stakeholders?

Let’s explore!

With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can streamline your business processes in terms of partner management, customer management, and the ecommerce experience.

What are the features of the Salesforce Experience Cloud, and How can you leverage them?

Business integration to provide better digital experiences:

Both your customers and partners can benefit from this integration. Partners can check in on the leads relevant to them, and customers can easily keep track of their cases, orders, etc.

Personalization for recommendations and such:

Salesforce intelligently recommends connections, groups, and communities based on individual needs, interactions, and so on.

Reflect your unique brand identity with customization:

Like the copy mentioned above says, Build Your Experience, you can build a unique, smooth experience for your customers and partners that invites them to interact with your business. It should not only reflect your brand but should extend that experience and enhance it.


Having your backend systems available on mobile is an underrated benefit. You don’t know when you might need to fix a minor problem, and not having to go into an office or access a computer makes it so much easier. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can jump right in from the most remote place!

Knowledgebase to offer self-service:

A well-curated knowledge base makes your customers and agents feel empowered. They can access articles, tutorials, FAQs, etc.—whatever is relevant to your business—to easily solve the majority of their challenges.

Automatically escalate cases:

Customers can create cases when required, and they will automatically escalate based on the topic. If some case goes unanswered for a certain duration, agents will be notified of the same so that it can be solved quickly.

Adjustable data sharing settings:

Partners can see and interact with data relevant to them, so they can always get access to their sales, connected inventory, and relevant leads. Because of this access, they can interact with customers better and therefore enhance their business offerings.

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