Window Cleaning - Is Professional Possible?

To your mind, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term "window cleaner?" Dressed in tatters, reeking of cigarette smoke or booze, driving a beat-up car equipped with makeshift ladders, what is this person thinking? To say window washers have a poor reputation would be an understatement. They have a bad reputation for being unreliable and unprofessional. Is this, however, the whole truth?

Indeed, even the most rudimentary window cleaner is performing a useful function. They've been taking care of anything the owner of the property either doesn't want to or is too afraid to handle on their own. One wrong move on a ladder can spell disaster for a window cleaner and their livelihood, and this has been true for decades.

The riskiness of window washing has been greatly diminished over the past decade thanks to the introduction of a new method that eliminates the need for ladders. Simply pumping clean water up a long pole to a bush head where you can agitate and flush away any remaining organic debris will leave your windows sparkling clean when the water evaporates.

Is there now a more specialised class of window cleaner as a result of this innovative approach? The honest response is "kind of." Simply having a bucket, some ladders, some rags, and some hand gear was enough to entice the average Joe to get into window washing. Due to the high cost of pure water systems, only the most dedicated window washers can afford to use this method.

Can we assume that the old method of window cleaning has been rendered obsolete by the new method? Customers, however, have been the ones to voice their opinions on this matter, and opinions remain mixed. Customers may find it difficult to adapt to the new cleaning procedure, and some may even consider it unprofessional to spray water around and leave drops on the window.

A professional high rise window cleaning will weigh safety concerns against the inconvenience to the homeowner when deciding when to utilise the new procedure against when to resort to the old.

The outdoor window washing we've been discussing so far is only a small part of a professional window cleaner's workload. Internal window cleaning presents the greatest challenge to any window washer.

Not because of any credentials or official attire, but because of ten years of experience, is why I refer to myself as a "Professional Window Cleaner." In addition to spotless windows, excellent customer service is essential for any window cleaning service.

Window Cleaning Tips on How to Use a Squeegee

When you're in a jam and can't figure out how to get rid of those unsightly streaks on the windows, a good suggestion can come in handy. Cleaning outdoor windows typically requires a cleaning solution, a scrubber, a scraper, a couple cloths, and a squeegee due to their tendency to become very dirty and foggy very rapidly.

Given that using a squeegee is a skill that must be honed over time, there is no one piece of advice that will help you master it. Even for seasoned professionals, using a squeegee might be the most challenging element of cleaning windows. To prevent streaking from the outset, make sure your squeegee is in tip-top shape by checking its rubber blade and replacing it if necessary. Because every squeegee is slightly different and requires a slightly different amount of pressure and speed to be efficient, this step of the window washing procedure will take a lot of practise. Get the hang of it by repeatedly practising on a single window. When squeegeeing a window, it's more common to go from side to side than up and down. Applying even pressure to the squeegee head is less of a challenge while moving side to side than when moving up and down. One further trick for cleaning windows is to use a dry, lint-free towel to wipe the top and right-hand edges of the glass. As a result, water won't trickle back down onto the glass when you squeegee it.

To clean windows using a squeegee, it's important to keep the rubber blade at the appropriate angle and draw in a straight line while applying consistent pressure. Start by placing the squeegee's rubber blade on the upper right corner of the window and gently pulling the upper end. When the squeegee is at an angle of 15° to 20°, you can stop tugging on one side and move the entire tool across the glass. Raise the squeegee at the finish and dry it with a towel. Proceed in this manner until you have reached the bottom of the window. Use a dry towel to regularly wipe the window's ledges and sash, as a damp towel will leave stains.

You'll get the hang of using a squeegee if you keep at it

Know that this is not an easy skill to master and that even experts experience setbacks from time to time. When you and your loved ones have finished cleaning your windows, you'll be glad you made the effort to make your home more presentable.
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