The temperature of the air intake is generally controlled below 40 degrees Celsius

Is the wind direction of Rutz fan controlled? Of course, it is controllable. How to control the details below to share with you! Ruz fan is supported by the rotor of two bearings, and then use a pair of synchronous gears to keep the relative position of the two rotors unchanged to control the wind direction.
No Less manufacturers also make the equipment run well through this method. The fan is due to the wind produced by the rotor and the noise is small. When the wind is generated, the exit will be exported from two exits to play a role in conveying. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain maintenance of rotor, because rotor controls the direction of the direction. To control the wind direction, we must control the wind.
Only the motor rotor runs in time, and the wind frequency is naturally controlled. If you need to adjust the control wind frequency, you can also control it according to the adjustment of the motor rotor.The Rutz fan is a compulsory transport gas equipment. Because it is mandatory,1Hp Impeller Paddle Wheel Aerator Manufacturers the air will definitely compress the air, and the process of applying pressure to reduce air will release a lot of energy. Energy is calories.
The temperature of different types of fan has different temperatures, and the pressure will increase and the temperature will be high, but the effect of the compression ratio will be normal but the temperature rises by about 20 degrees Celsius. Why does the temperature rise more than 20 degrees Celsius?
First of all, the fan may have some obstacles, such as machine friction and mechanical friction, which will release a certain amount of heat. If the exhaust temperature rises further, it may be severe more than 110 degrees. The air transported by the Ruz fan, using a cast iron fans, using a conventional sealing method. The temperature of the air intake is generally controlled below 40 degrees Celsius.
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