How to Open MBOX Emails in Outlook?

A dependable way to access MBOX files in Outlook is something that many internet users are looking for. To answer users' questions on how to open MBOX files, this article was written. Now, more details.
Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, and many other email applications use the MBOX file type. Unfortunately, you cannot directly open an MBOX file in Outlook. The only workaround is to execute the conversion process if you wish to open MBOX files in Outlook.
Here, we'll use the MBOX to PST converter application to convert MBOX to PST so that MBOX files can be opened in Outlook. It is a suggested tool with a user-friendly GUI that makes it available to everyone.

How to Open MBOX Emails in Outlook

There are typically two ways for a user to see or open an MBOX file in Outlook or Gmail.
1. Utilizing Thunderbird by hand
2. Using the MBOX Converter tool.

Open a Mbox file manually in Microsoft Outlook

Step 1: Install the email programme Thunderbird.
  • Install Thunderbird on your PC after downloading it from
  • Please take note that the subsequent actions demand Thunderbird version 68.
Step 2: Install the Thunderbird email programme
  • You must register for a Thunderbird account in order to import the mbox file. This need not be a typical email account, though. You can make a false Thunderbird account to aid with the conversion.
  • When you first run Thunderbird, a prompt to set up an email account will appear. You can select Cancel to end the dialogue.
  • In the Thunderbird> Accounts area, click the Newsgroups link.
  • Enter a fictitious email address and name in the dialogue box. Choose Next.
  • Click Next after entering a fictitious Newsgroup Server, such as
  • By selecting Next, the wizard is completed.
When the account is configured, Thunderbird's left panel will display a Local folder structure.
Step 3: Launch Thunderbird and open the MBOX file.
  • Optionally, right-click Local folders and choose. Next, select the Browse... button next to the Local directory field for
  • Content Storage. Place the folder in the directory where the mbox file is located.
  • All of the messages from the mbox folder should now be in your Local Folders after restarting Thunderbird.
Step 4: Create an EML file by exporting Thunderbird email messages.
By hitting Ctrl+A in Thunderbird, you can pick up every mail located in the .mbox folder. Select the messages you want to save as an EML after choosing the ones you want. Select a directory to save the messages in before you finish. All messages will be recognised by Outlook and saved in EML format.
Step 5: Launch MS Outlook and open EML files
  • Outlook can easily import EML files.
  • [Optional] Create a folder in MS Outlook for the email messages. Select it after that to make it the active folder.
  • Go to the local directory and drag the EML files there to add them to Outlook.
  • Be aware that this might cause the process to take longer if you have a lot of EML messages.

Recommended Solution to Open MBOX Emails in Outlook  

There are a few variables that affect how to open an MBOX file in Outlook. such as the method or SysConverter for MBOX is using, the size of the MBOX file, or the kinds of elements that are available in the MBOX file Use the offered solution to avoid having to worry about these issues. To convert MBOX files to PST format without any limitations.
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