The best ballistic helmets to keep your head safe

The best ballistic helmets to keep your head safe

The Global War on Terror has greatly accelerated the development of personal protective equipment, especially the proliferation of body armor. Ballistic helmets have changed from bulky head protection designed to stop only pistol rounds to lightweight polyethylene set-ups that can stop AK rounds at point-blank range. Along with improved protection, modern ballistic helmets also support various attachments and accessories such as night vision goggles and communication headsets.To get more news about bulletproof zone, you can visit official website.

But all that protection and additional features come at a price. High-quality ballistic helmets aren’t cheap, but they’re essential in dangerous environments. With so much at stake, how can you be sure about what you buy? That’s where we come in.
Through hands-on testing and thorough research, we curated a list of the best ballistics helmets available today. Take a look and find a ballistic helmet that will keep your melon safe under any circumstances.Ops-Core is arguably the gold standard when it comes to ballistic helmets, continuing to innovate with new and updated designs. This new generation of helmets, which I saw at SHOT Show 2022 in Las Vegas this past January, offers protection from the conventional pistol rounds and fragmentation while also protecting against lead-core AK rounds at any angle and at distances as low as 10 feet.

The Ops-Core FAST XR is remarkably stable and supports night vision devices and helmets with minimal wobble. It’s also extremely lightweight, coming in at just north of three pounds in size XL, which is the size I wear. In addition, due to establishing themselves as the gold standard, nearly every accessory is designed for the Ops-Core helmet platform, meaning that most communication headset adapters, helmet covers, and strap replacement systems will be compatible with no extra modifications needed.

Unfortunately, being the gold standard means that Ops-Core is hard to get, and at the time of writing, the lead time for Ops-Core helmets is 120 days. In addition to this, the stability of the Ops-Core comes at the expense of some comfort, which can get irritating over long periods of time. Finally, there’s the high price tag of $2,100, although that price can be lowered if you contact Gentex for military pricing if you’re trying to buy one for professional use.

Bottom line, there’s a reason why any high cut helmet is usually colloquially called an “ops core,” and it’s because Ops-Core leads the pack in terms of features, standardization, and protection. When it comes to the best ballistic helmets, this is the cream of the crop.

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