A less-than-six-month window for alpha evaluation

It was not something that many gamers from WOTLK Gold the game's communities were hoping to hear. For instance, when Blizzard launched Dragonflight in April of last year the game was not able to provide any release date or date instead, telling players it would arrive in the event that it was released.
Players aren't quite sure what to consider about the situation. On one on one hand, players are keen to move past the disappointment of Shadowlands and to return to Azeroth as it was. On the other hand due to the delayed news of expansion, and the fact that the alpha testing for Dragonflight has not yet begun on the game's official test realm (but is likely to start very soon) Players are worried that the release date of 2022 is too soon. A large part of the community asking Blizzard to delay Dragonflight to allow it to rest and announce the expansion within the first quarter of 2023.
To be sure, a less-than-six-month window for alpha evaluation, testing beta pre-patch (which usually lasts for several weeks long) and an expansion release is a an extremely tight timeframe. But it's not an entirely realistic timeframe like some who are part of this community suggested on Reddit.
In a blog post by WoW creator MrGM broke down the amount of time between the alpha testing of previous expansions , and an expansion's release date buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold . This number is between 188 days at the earliest and 281 days in the case of the most recent. There are 192 remaining days in 2022.
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