History of IVF, indications for in vitro fertilization and its varieties

History: how IVF developed in Ukraine and the world

Prior to the landmark event in the world of reproduction, the birth of the first IVF child, experiments on the cultivation of the embryo “in vitro” with its subsequent transfer were carried out only on mammals ivf centre in ahmedabad.


As a result of one such experiment, and thanks to the talent of the Chinese scientist Ming Chue Chang, a rabbit was born in 1959, proving that artificial insemination is a promising new reality.


And exactly 19 years later, in 1978, two fathers of reproductive medicine - gynecologist Patrick Steptoe and biologist Robert Edwards, from the UK, performed the miracle of the birth of the first person in vitro - Louise Brown.

The progenitor of reproductive medicine in Ukraine was a Kharkov scientist, academician, doctor of medical sciences, professor Valentin Ivanovich Grishchenko. He was the first in Ukraine to organize in 1983.

a laboratory of human reproduction (later it received the well-known name "Implant") and began the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

In 1990, for the first time in Ukraine, under his leadership, successful in vitro fertilization was carried out, after which, in 1991, an IVF girl, Katya, was born.


The work of the founder of IVF in Ukraine is continued today by his grandchildren - Nikolay Grigorievich Grishchenko and Valentin Yuryevich Parashchuk. Thanks to the talent and professionalism of the Grishchenko .


medical dynasty, today the IVF clinic is successfully operating, named after Valentin Ivanovich - “Clinic of Academician Grishchenko”.

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