When it comes to plumbing or other bathroom accessories

When it comes to plumbing or other bathroom accessories, you only think or replacing. Just like fixing a bathroom magazine holder or mirrored jewelry cabinet is simple, likewise you can repair your shower and bath tub. Even when you call a pro to do the job, you can provide the finishing touch yourself by painting your shower enclosure.However, this is not the only reason. Your shower area looks tarnished with the passage of time. Obviously, the use of those harsh cleaning agents is to be blamed. They make the surface clean, apparently but fades the color and shine in due course. So here are some tips that will work to give you best results.

Step HDPE shade cloth 1: PrepareEarlier than starting, eliminate every object like towel, rug or any other item from the place. Surely, you do not want the tiles to get ruined. Place newspapers to conceal the tiles. Another preparation is through putting on some old clothes to get started!Step #2: SandingSanding is an important part of your project to be a success. This will require maximum effort so that your shower enclosure is perfect to be painted. You will wish to coarse up the whole shower area so the paint can hold fast. Use a sand paper till when the surface gets flat.

Once you are done with sanding, clean the remains from the booth.Step # 3: CleaningSubsequent to sanding comes cleaning. The most efficient cleaner for the method is muriatic acid. You can easily find it in various stores or # through other supply chains. It will take away all of the extra rubble. While applying this agent, make sure you know that it has potentially strong vapors, so ventilation or a respirator mask is mandatory. Clean the entire sanded space and wash them. Allow the place to dry up before you start painting.Step # 4 PrimingPriming past painting will make certain that the coat will stay well on surface. For this you must get hold of a good primer meant exclusively for shower enclosures. Paint the enclosure uniformly and grant time to get dried. This makes the place ready for the paint.Step # 5: PaintingFor a shower space, the perfect paint is the epoxy-based one.

You have two alternatives. Either you can go for renting a spray paint or simply buy the spray paint cans. When you apply the gloss, you will get a shinny finish. Keep the bathroom sufficiently ventilated during the process. Wait until the paint dries. After that you can seal it for further protection.Step # 6: SealingTry sealing the paint using two separate cans of lucid spray sealer which is capable of resisting water. Don't run water over the enclosure, at least for two days.Step# 7: CleaningIt is better to avoid harsh chemicals on the newly painted space. Vinegar is a decent cleaning agent and is much better than soap. In case, you still get some spoiled region, you can apply baking soda to clean in a circular motion.

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