Why do startups prefer CoinPayments Clone Script for their Business?

Payment Gateways are, at the moment, the easiest way to step into the crypto industry as a business. Why? Because it is an essential and irremovable part of the cash flow process. Every exchange, centralized or decentralized, must have a payment portal for users to move funds in and out of the exchange as fiat or crypto. 


CoinPayments is an industry leader in crypto payments services. Over the last decade of crypto proliferation, CoinPayments have provided crypto payment services to businesses and retailers. CoinPayments is an intermediary service company assisting exchanges, wallets, crypto marketplaces, and retailers.


Thus you can imagine why a clone script of a preestablished company might help an emerging business to prove itself with a tested method. A clone script might be what you need to add to the collective experience of CoinPayments to leapfrog toward progress. 


Features of the CoinPayments Clone Script -


The platform you can build with our clone script will focus on features provided for business merchants and retailers. For retailers, it would be to manage cryptocurrencies with security and professional utility. 

  • Multi-Coin Wallet
  • Global Payment Facility
  • Point of Sale
  • Auto Coin Conversion
  • Cryptocurrency Vault

And for business merchants, it would be the tools to use for their businesses. And the features for merchants will be scalable with integration specifications.

  • Payment Options
  • Shopping Cart Plugin
  • APIs
  • Invoice Builder
  • Mobile App Attachment
  • Point of Sale Tools

As for security, CoinPayments Clone Script offers an array of cyber shield features for merchants and retailers. 

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Jail Login
  • DDoS Security
  • Wallet Key Security
  • Data Encryption 
  • Anti-Phishing Security
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) 
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

And there are many more such services to exemplify the work we provide our clients. And yes, every service will be tailored and customized to the client's specifications. 


Why choose us as your service provider?


At Coinsclone, we employ a diverse in-house team of blockchain engineers, software developers, subject matter experts, and UI/UX designers. Our team specializes in blockchain and blockchain-based subsystems for wallet scripts, crypto payment portals, and crypto-based software scripts. 


We systematically test our software for vulnerabilities and bugs. And conduct periodic stress tests and audits to optimize our product for our clients. Our UI designers can customize the UI of the product to fit any template and design. We are more than just a software service provider; we are also a technical support firm.


By contacting them, you can get more clarification about the Coinpayments Clone Script

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