OnlineExamMaker Plays Major Role in Online Test Maker Software

Ten years ago, online tests were not as popular around the world as they are right now. In the current scenario, one has numerous options for test maker software to use. These specific software tools are not only convenient to use, but some are also available for free. One such online test creator is OnlineExamMaker. This software has quickly become a favorite among teachers, students, and even businesses due to its ease of use and features.

The role played by OnlineExamMaker

Being a reliable test maker software, OnlineExamMaker comes with the promise of being 100% free forever to all its users, inclusive of a demo. Keeping an option to get a demo is provided so that users can select it as their go-to online test maker software after careful consideration.

By simplifying the process of creating interactive and brilliant-looking tests, quizzes, and exams using an intelligent AI, OnlineExamMaker has become people’s preferred choice. When it comes to quick yet accurate assessments, whether it is for a group of students or employees in a company, people rely on a software-based solution. That is when OnlineMaker comes into mind because it is deemed as an all-in-one platform to create all kinds of quizzes without any hassles.

Key Features

Let us take a look at the significant aspects of this online test creator platform that is making online quiz creation easy, fast, and free. The highlights mentioned below have helped OnlineExamMaker to influence the standards of test maker software.

  • OnlineExamMaker flaunts a high-performance quiz maker powered by A.I., which easily makes quizzes for users and also helps to organize tests if needed. Using the quiz maker aspect of this platform, users can save their precious time as well as the effort that is otherwise spent on minutely assessing and grading the quiz. But with OnlineExamMaker, one can use the automated grading quiz software.


  • If you are a school teacher, then OnlineExamMaker is definitely a one-stop service for you. For example, if there are a number of exams to be taken, then you can switch on the anti-cheating functionality to ensure that no student can cheat during your exam. This anti-cheating function makes use of high-end face recognition to ensure the authenticity of an exam.


  • For those who are always looking for additional benefits to using test maker software, OnlineExamMaker provides a unique question system. Its function is to allow users to draw questions from a previously-created question bank. The advantage of using a question system is that it can help re-train examinees so that they can aim for quality and not quantity when they use this particular online test creator.


  • There is an additional training test tool which is typically meant for managerial use in various business sectors. To train new recruits and employees in a company, managers often have to break their backs and start training from the very beginning for every batch. But OnlineExamMaker's training test tool eases the situation for managers through intelligent capability assessment and statistical analysis.


  • The reason why OnlineExamMaker is the test maker software needed to accurately assess both students and employees is its easy access and easy distribution features. One can start working with this web-based tool within a few moments and learn from the demo version. There are options to improve quizzes created by including videos and audio. Furthermore, these quizzes can be accessed from a plethora of smart devices. Similarly, one can share the quiz created via website links, social platforms, emails, and even messages.



More than 350,000 individual clients, which include Facebook, Google, Standard Chartered, and Twitter, use the OnlineExamMaker platform to create, assess, and share quizzes.

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