What is important to learn to become a front-end developer?

Front end developers are one of the most demanding career option, a frontend developer is a person who will create view part of the website or applications.  As per the Indeed survey the average salary of a frontend developer is $106,539 in the united states.


To learn the frontend web development you must go for complete web design courses in Delhi from a reputed training platform so that you can learn some of the dominating technologies or languages, which are mentioned as follow:

  • Html

Html is known as hyper text markup language, is the basic need in any language structure of the website, without html we cannot design a website. In front-end web development it is compulsory  that we should know how to deal with the html, and it is very easy to understand even for the beginner, because it is all about the english tags, we can easily understand the working of the website by using the html tags structure, the latest version of html we are using is html 5 introduced in 2008.

  • Css

Css is used for the styling of the web page or website, after completing the structure part of the website, now we will design it by the css to style the web pages and to make it attractive, we can use the use plain css to design a web page. Css known as cascading style sheet. For learning at advanced level, it is recommended to go for HTML5 & CSS3 training institute in Delhi.

  • Javascript

Javascript is one of the most important language in the world of web development, we can use the javascript in the website development and it will be running on the browser. And after the introduction of node js now we can also use the javascript outside of the browser, we can use it in the backend as well to create and develop the full stack websites with the pure javascript language.

  • Jquery

Jquery is the famous library of the javascript, it is a light weight library we can use it in our applications either using cdn or offline mode and we can use it for animations, hover effects and most important we can write javascript codes with smaller syntax by using jquery library. It is free and open source to use. You can learn both jquery and JS with JavaScript course in Delhi or on online mode.

  • React

React is the most famous and in trend to use library of the javascript, it is used by a big numbers of developers community and the most demanding front end language in the industry, it is developed and being maintained by the facebook.

Get you hands set on every concept with React JS course in Delhi from expert training.


  • Angular

Angular is the another famous framework of javascript for creating the single page applications, it comes with a complete model view controller architecture. It is being maintained by the google. And react and angular is two of the most competing and in demand single page applications technologies.

Check Angular course in Delhi and attain professional level of training.

  • Sass

Sass which is known as Syntactically awesome style sheet is the preprocessor of the css, we can write fast and reliable css by using the preprocessors of the css in our front end development, there are many preprocessors but sass is the most famous.

To become a frontend developer, we must learn these above mentioned languages and technologies. And to do you can go for web design course in Delhi or join a diploma in web design and development from a reputed training institute near you.

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