How can you determine if your sofa is worth upholstering?

How can you determine if your sofa is worth upholstering?

Upholstery can be an expensive practice, but there are far more benefits than drawbacks. Reupholstery not only keeps furniture frames out of landfills, making them eco-friendly, but it also repurposes fine furniture and extends the longevity of your piece.

The first step should be to determine if the sofa is more than 10 years old. If you have a sofa that is more than 10-15 years old, you have better quality furniture right away. Younger furniture is usually not strong enough to be upholstered and should be thoroughly checked. If it wobbles, rocks make noise or feel wobbly, that's a positive sign that it could be an excellent option.

Then you should inspect the frame. A sofa that is worth reupholstering should have a hardwood frame with few knots. Joints should feel stable and secure. Remove the cushions and try to lift the sofa if you are unsure whether the frame is hardwood or not. It is hefty for its size; if it seems particularly light, it is more likely to be of high quality; the wood is probably not durable enough to reupholster, but always check with sofa upholstery services if you are unsure.

Check the springs in the frame if possible. Coiled springs connected with twine atop the platform of higher-quality sofas. If the sofa appears to have thin spring webbing that feels weak and light, it is probably not worth reupholstering. Check the springs by patting the underside of the sofa and feeling if the dust cover is taut. A taught dust cover is an indication of quality craftsmanship.

Always pay attention to your gut. If you adore your sofa, you adore your sofa. If it's of good quality and you're debating whether to spend the money, consider if you're likely to locate another piece you enjoy as much. When you upholster your sofa from sofa upholstery services, you have complete control over the design, size, and feel of your sofa. Upholstery is a terrific option if you want something unique to your comfort level. Upholstery is manufactured with exceptional attention, quality, and craftsmanship by artists who value longevity and quality.

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