The Difference Between Slewing Bearing And Ordinary Bearing

The Difference Between Slewing Bearing And Ordinary Bearing

The installation method is different. The slewing bearing is not mounted on the mandrel like the ordinary bearing and is installed in the bearing housing. Instead, it is fixed on the upper and lower supports by screws.Get more news about Swing Bearing,you can vist our website!

2, slewing bearings generally have to bear several aspects of the load, not only to withstand axial forces, radial forces, but also to withstand large overturning moments. Therefore, a set of slewing bearings often function as several sets of ordinary rolling bearings.

3. The running speed of the slewing bearing is low, usually below 50 rpm. In many cases, the slewing ring does not operate continuously, but only rotates back and forth within an angle, which is equivalent to a so-called "swing bearing".

4. The size of the slewing bearing is larger than that of the ordinary bearing. The diameter is usually 0.4~10 meters, and even the diameter reaches 40 meters.

5. Normally, the slewing bearing is provided with a ring gear for rotational driving and a sealing device for dustproofing.

6. In terms of manufacturing processes such as materials and heat treatment, there is a big difference between slewing bearings and rolling bearings.
Therefore, in the purchase of bearings, it is also necessary to choose according to the size of the machine, according to their own needs to choose the right product for their own is more important.

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