Custom wood jewelry box: endless choice with To Be Packing

Custom wood jewelry box: endless choice with To Be Packing

What would a diamond ring be without an elegant and sophisticated box? To Be Packing has been a leader in the jewelry packaging sector since 1999: create your custom jewelry box with us.Get more news about Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box,you can vist our website!

Given its natural characteristics, wood is an element that expresses solidity, strength and antique and valuable elegance. This is why it is the ideal solution for jewelry boxes that need to last in time and protect jewels with class and sophistication.

To Be Packing presents different proposals of custom wooden jewelry boxes that can be covered by a wide range of materials. This is the perfect way to obtain a valuable jewelry box with the strength of wood and the style of different colors and textures.

Otto is an octagonal shaped case with a two-door front opening and a button closure. This handmade covered wood box is available in different shapes and sizes, to display or store necklaces and bracelets.

Princess is a two-door opening wooden jewelry box with a magnetic closure. It is a discreet, yet elegant, choice to display any kind of necklace and make every single bead stand out.

To Be Packing gives you the opportunity to realize the custom wood jewelry box of your dreams, with great attention to the tiniest details. Thanks to our entirely “handmade” approach and the use of selected materials, we are able to create high level, unique projects for your jewelry.

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