Some Problems For Extension Socket Usage

Some Problems For Extension Socket Usage

Is there any danger of sparks when inserting or pulling out electrical plugs?Get more news about Extension Socket Company,you can vist our website!

This is a normal phenomenon. Inserted electrical appliances (loads) have current passing through, the instantaneous current of electrical appliances is very large, plugs and sockets have contact resistance, so sparks are generated. If there is a switch on the power socket, it is recommended that the switch be turned off before plugging. If the plug is always sparking in the process of working with electrical appliances, this is not normal. This is due to poor contact between plugs and wires, which should be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause fire. This problem can be solved by choosing the extension socket of good silver contact.
Can high-power appliances use the same extension socket at the same time?

Avoid it as much as possible. Many high-power electrical appliances share a socket, which causes the socket to heat up, affects the service life, damages the electrical appliances and even causes fire. Not to plug air conditioning, microwave oven and other high-power household appliances into sockets with low rated current value. It is better for high-power appliances to use independent fixed sockets instead of mobile sockets.
A extension socket refers to a multi socket with a power cord and plug that can be moved. More than one power plug can be connected, which saves space and circuit.
At the same time, it can start power supply for many power sources, and many socket designs make this kind of products have multi-functional characteristics. There are also some outlet switches on the market which support the opening and closing control between different power sources.

The advantages of extension socket with switch is when you don't need the socket, you can turn off the power supply by pressing the switch. No need to unplug the plug, reduce the loss and make life easier.

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