Scan your Motorola Moto G Power with a fingerprint scanner!


Motorola Moto G Power users rejoice! A new way to scan your device has just arrived, and it's as easy as scanning a fingerprint! This is an excellent addition for Moto G Power owners who want to be able to access their devices securely. With the scanner, you won't have to fumble with your phone whenever you want to unlock it or start up the phone.

How to Scan Your Motorola Moto G Power with a Fingerprint Scanner.

First, remove the battery to use a fingerprint scanner on a Motorola Moto G Power. Then insert the battery back into the phone and press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to activate the fingerprint scanning function.

Once the function is activated, scan your fingerprint with your finger to unlock the Phone parts.

How to Scan Your Moto G Power with a Fingerprint Scanner.

As you scan, your phone will tell you how many fingers are being scanned and will report back with an answer in green text. You can continue scanning by pressing and holding onto one finger until all fingers have been scanned, or release all fingers and try again later if needed. If you're successfully scanning your Moto G Power, a message on the touchscreen display tells you that it has successfully scanned your fingerprints and is now ready to use as a phone fingerprint scanner. To stop scanning, touch anywhere on the display and then touch Off.

How to Scan Your Moto G Power with a Fingerprint Scanner.

To scan your Moto G Power with a fingerprint scanner, follow these steps Open the main smartphone application. This can be done through either an open menu or by pressing and holding the Home button and then tapping on the Settings icon.

Scroll down to the "fingerprint scanning" section of the app's interface and press on it.

Once you have entered your fingerprint, the app will start scanning for fingerprints in your photo album. After a few minutes, it will show you a list of results. Choose one to continue with and press on it lcd phone parts.


Scanning your Moto G Power with a fingerprint scanner is a great way to keep your device secure and easy to use. By scanning your Moto G power with a fingerprint scanner, you can keep track of your device's activities and ensure that you remain safe while using it.

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