Teamfight Tactics. Do champions have abilities? 

Each Champion has an active or passive ability. Functional abilities are played when the Champion's mana bar is full, and there is a short cooldown timer before they can use the command again. Mana is generated when the Champion attacks an enemy.
All champions are subject to what is known as a "mana lock." This is the amount of time they cannot gain mana immediately after casting a spell. The default mana lock is one second. However, some champions are locked longer when bits are used.
Can I upgrade champions? 
Each Champion you buy will have one star. If you buy three of the same champs, they will turn into two-star champs. Combine three two-star units, and you create one three-star unit.
The upgraded units are stronger in every way, as they will increase their base and characteristics.
What about champion classes and origins? 
Every Champion belongs to a Class and has an Origin.
Fulfill the Class and Origin requirements, and they will grant special bonuses. For example, having two demons (class) on the board means that each of your monsters now has a chance to burn all of the enemy's mana and deal that much true damage.
You can also have two Blademasters (Origin) on the board simultaneously, meaning they now have a 35% chance to deal extra damage with each attack.
Creating a strong combo means considering these bonuses whenever you buy a champion, as the right blend can create an irresistible force.
Does it matter where I place champions on the board? 
All champions fit into different archetypes. They can be tanky, cast spells from a distance, or not have big health bars but deal huge damage.
It's a matter of considering these qualities when you put a champion on the board.
Place your tanks on the front line, designed to absorb damage and divert annoyed away from your vulnerable back line.
Meanwhile, we recommend placing your ranged champions, such as Ash, on the back line to deal as much damage as possible from a safe distance.
This will also force your enemies to close the gap if they want to get to one of your direct damages and potentially find themselves in an unfavorable scenario. Place it right in front of your composition, as it will be instantly destroyed; thus, there will never be an opportunity to do some damage or use its ability.
Don't be afraid to place Assassins at the far edges of the board to give them enough room to track the enemy line. These tall units, often melee-oriented champions, are ideal for highlighting vulnerable enemies and destroying them quickly.
In general, consider each role of your champions and position them so they can fulfill that role to the best of their ability. You can spend a long time researching the information yourself or turn to the professionals at for help. 
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