Why buy a house in Portugal this year

For those who like to sleep in peace.
Portugal has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, and its capital city was recently voted the safest on the mainland.
                                        Portugal is a golf lover's paradise.
Over 90 golf courses are available now or under construction! Add to that all kinds of water sports, horseback riding, soccer, and even skiing in the north. So there's no shortage of time to lounge on the beach.
What about the Portuguese language?
The joy of speaking Portuguese (and being understood) is something everyone can try, but when it comes to legal matters, health, or just beer, it's nice to be able to communicate in your native language. And rest assured, you will be understood here.
Moving to Portugal for permanent residence - what's the deal?
Maintenance of Real Estate in Portugal
Operating costs (gas, water, and electricity) and public transport costs are almost pleasant to pay! Utilities are relatively cheap compared to most other European countries.
Healthcare in Portugal
Prevention is better than cure; available in a warm climate and with clean air. No wonder when a doctor's recommendation to be outdoors more often is greeted enthusiastically here. If that's not enough, health care here is top-notch, with many private schemes available. For example, in per capita health care funding, Portugal is 5th out of 25 countries in Europe (according to the WHO).
Affordable housing
Based on the prices in the UK, Ireland, Spain, and France, it is good to know that property prices in Portugal are still very affordable and allow you to buy several properties at once. Read exactly what kind of housing you can buy here https://prian.info/pub/americans-are-heating-the-portuguese-real-estate-market.html

Investment tour of Portugal
If you want to buy property in Portugal, we advise you to go on a trip first and choose exactly the object to your liking. If you decide to take a tour in search of real estate, many companies will help you organize it. And then you are guaranteed to find the accommodation in Portugal that best suits your needs, requirements, and wishes. Discuss all the details concerning the property: location, type, specification, cost, purchase price, potential rental yield, financing options, and medium and long-term strategies for possible resale.
And also, we'll go step by step through the process of buying property in Portugal, the cost of closing the deal, and calculate your potential income. Portugal is truly limitless for investment. From the Silver Coast to the famous Algarve, there are many great investment opportunities to relocate to the country, make money, and have fantastic leisure time. We believe investing in real estate is better than other options for obtaining a Portuguese residence permit.
Contact our team of experts to discuss the latest investment opportunities in the Portuguese real estate market. The most popular EU residence permit programs are the Golden Visas of Portugal, Greece, and Spain. Wealthy people prefer to invest in real estate to obtain a residence permit in the EU. Moreover, each of these Golden visas opens the investor a path to citizenship of the country where he receives a residence permit. 
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