How to improve the service life of prepainted color coil

According to previous work experience and practice, the weldability and durability of hot sale prepainted color galvanized coil are summarized

1. Durability
Steel structure company steel durability is mainly its corrosion resistance function, about long-term exposure to the air or often in the dry and wet alternate environment of steel structure, easy to produce corrosion damage. The damage of corrosion to steel structure is not only limited to the uniform weakening of effective section of steel, but also the local rust pit will cause stress concentration, thus reducing the bearing capacity of the structure. Cause brittle failure.

2. Weldability
Weldability of steel products by steel construction company refers to the ability to obtain weld joint that meets quality requirements under given construction mode and welding technology conditions. Poor welding function steels are prone to brittle cracks in the heat affected zone of welding, and it is not easy to guarantee welding quality unless a specific messy welding technology is selected. Therefore, as for the important welding structures under dynamic load, the welding function of the steel used should be identified. The welding function of steel can be tested by test specimen of welding seam to determine the fatigue strength, plasticity and impact toughness of steel in welding seam and heat affected zone.

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