How to maintain cupping strength tester with minimal effort?

Metal is an important material that is used in different industries due to its longevity and malleability. Testing them against stress, deformations, cracks, and other related factors is an important part of quality control. To make it easy for the manufacturers to determine the ductility of the materials, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as a cupping strength tester. This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment designed with a corrosion-resistant main body with a dial gauge to measure the cupping strength of the materials with ease. This high-quality lab testing instrument is very useful in determining the drawing ability of metal sheets and examines the performance and ability of painted substrates when the materials are subjected to a huge amount of stress.

If you have already bought this high-quality laboratory testing equipment from Presto, then you can follow the tips to maintain them for the longest time. Here we will discuss some amazing tips to maintain this cupping testing machine. But before that, let us focus on the brief information about the cupping test and how it can be performed.

Introduction about cupping strength test

Metals are essential for a wide variety of applications, from automobiles to aerospace; these materials provide an effective way to manufacture different products with ease. However, the way it used also metals affects their ductile properties. Ductile metal is one that can be easily elongated without breaking. Testing the ductile properties of metals is important when stress will be applied to the materials. Thus, we have designed a high-quality cupping strength tester machine that is highly useful in conducting cupping tests on the materials like metal sheets and analyzing the level of deformations when certain stress will be applied to it.

By performing this Erichsen deep-drawing test on the materials, one can easily determine the deep-drawing capability of sheet metals. This high-quality lab testing instrument has been designed in accordance with industry standards that include IS 10175 (Part I); 1993 & ISO 8490: 1986, and ISO 1520:2006 to provide accurate testing results to the customers. You can read more about the use of cupping tests for testing the quality of metal sheets. You can read about the significance of cupping tests in the metal industry.

How Presto cupping strength tester is useful for conducting cupping tests?

As we have discussed above, the cupping strength test performed on the materials will help the manufacturers to evaluate the ability of metal sheets and strips to undergo deformation while forming stress. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality cupping strength tester that is helpful in testing the ductility of metals when undergoing stress. The main purpose of this lab testing equipment is to test the drawing ability of materials under biaxial stress. This highly sophisticated lab testing equipment will accurately perform cupping test on the materials and helps to evaluate the ductile properties of the materials.

The Presto cupping testing machine comes with a range of 0-25mm with the least count/resolution of 0.01mm. Its outside body has been made with mild steel with a dial gauge of 1 and an accuracy of ± 2%.

With its sturdy construction and resilient body, manufacturers can easily conduct cupping tests on the materials and get highly accurate testing results. With its fast guiding mechanism, users can easily perform a hassle-free operation of this lab testing instrument. You can easily test the ductility of materials with a cupping tester.

Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto cupping strength tester

The Presto cupping strength tester will perform the cupping test on the materials like metal sheets, to evaluate the ductile properties of the materials when come in contact with the stretchers. This high-quality lab testing instrument has been embedded with several advanced features that we have listed below.

  • High-Quality rugged structure with the corrosion-resistant main body
  • Dial gauge to measure the cupping
  • Sturdy Construction and resilient
  • Revolving Handle for frictionless movement of the punch
  • Fast Guiding Mechanism with hand-operated wheel
  • Single-handed hassle-free operation with Spherical punch
  • Brass Housing for strong sample clamping
  • Highly accurate test results

Technical specifications of Presto cupping strength tester

  • Range: 0 – 25mm
  • Least count/resolution: 0.01mm
  • Outside Body: Mild Steel (Duly Powder Coated.)
  • Dial Gauge – 1
  • Accuracy–± 2%
  • Sample Thickness–Up to 1.8mm
  • Diameter of Punch–20 ± 0.2 mm

With these features and technical specifications, one can easily perform cupping strength tests on the materials and enhance their quality. You can also perform ductility tests on painted metal substrates with the help of this high-quality lab testing equipment. Now, let us discuss the top maintenance tips that can be followed to ensure the durability of this cupping strength tester.

Top 4 tips to maintain Presto cupping strength tester

If you have already purchased the Presto cupping strength tester, then you can follow the maintenance tips that we have mentioned below.

  • Do not place inflammable material near the equipment.
  • Properly put the test specimen on the test fixture.
  • Place the machine in a clean corner in the laboratory.
  • Ensure that there is not any liquid material.

By following these maintenance tips, you can easily use this lab testing instrument for a longer time. If you want to know about the cupping tester price or want to conduct a free sample testing session for this high-quality lab testing instrument, then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will easily consult with you regarding your requirements.

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