How to Setup Canon Pixma MG2520 Printers?

Canon printers are the best product in the market.These are very useful for printing any kind of documents,pictures etc.Here we discuss about how to setup the Canon mg2520 printer.Another considerable constraint of the Canon PIXMA MG2520 is the fact that it doesn't offer sufficient connectivity alternatives. The only way you could attach this printer to your device is through a USB 2.0 port. There is no Wi-Fi connection alternative. 

There isn't even the Ethernet connection alternative. With such restricted connection choices, it isn't unusual that this printer isn't mobile friendly. This suggests that you can ignore utilizing your Apple or Android tool to connect to this printer. Secret Features of Canon Pixma Home MG2520 Talking about the print speed of the canon pixma mg2520 setup, it is rated to create around 8.4 monochrome pages each min (ppm). If you intend on utilizing this device generally for color printing, your print speed will certainly be also slower at 4 ppm. 

The tool also takes a good quantity of time to get up. From the 'off' state, this gadget will certainly take 31 seconds to produce the initial print, which is on the slower side when compared with various other comparable gadgets on the market. The Canon Pixma MG2520 setup is also a loud gadget which is something you need to keep in mind prior to choosing where you intend to position it in your residence. We do not suggest the bed room even if you intend on making use of the provided Quiet setting.

Canon PIXMA MG2520 Wireless Setup

  1. Find instructions on how to setup the wireless connection on your PIXMA MG2520 printer and also how to reset the printer to factory settings.
  2. Some access points (sometimes referred to as routers or hubs) feature an automatic connection button labeled “WPS” which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  3. This allows permitted devices such as your PIXMA MG2520 to connect to your network without needing to enter a password and it enables a quick and easy method of connecting your devices.
  4. This method is by far the simplest way of connecting your PIXMA MG2520, so if your access point has a WPS button, please select the ‘WPS Connection Method’ tab below for instructions on connecting using this method.
  5. If your router does not support WPS, we have provided alternative instructions to get your PIXMA MG2520 connected, so please select the 'Standard Connection Method' tab below.

Setting up PIXMA MG2520 Wireless Connection

  1. Press the [Home] Button (A) on the printer.

Step 2

  1. Use the buttons (A) to select the [WLAN Setup] icon.
  2. Press the left function button (B).
  3. The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp (C) lights up when the wireless connection is enabled.
  4. The printer will now automatically search for access points supporting the WPS feature.

Step 3

  1. The display on printer should be shown as below -
  2. Press and hold the [WPS] button on your access point for approximately 5 seconds, then release.
  3. For exact instructions on starting WPS on your access point, please refer to its user guide.
  4. Press the [OK] button on the printer within 2 minutes.
  5. The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp on the printer flashes while searching for or connecting to the access point.
  6. When the screen below [Connected to the access point] is displayed, Press the [OK] button to complete the setup

Canon PIXMA MG2520 Installing a new device

  • Open Windows Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager make sure the device you're attempting to install is not already listed from past install attempts. If the device is found, highlight it and remove it from Device Manager to prevent any conflicts during the install.
  • Once the Device Manager looks ok to reboot the computer.
  • As the computer is rebooting an install new hardware wizard should appear if Windows detects the new hardware using this wizard you should be able to point Windows to the folder containing your drivers either on the CD, diskette, or the folder containing the files you downloaded.
  • If Windows does not detect any new hardware open Control Panel and double-click the Add hardware icon to run the hardware detection wizard. During the steps, you will have an option to tell Windows you have a disk containing the drivers for your new hardware device, at this point Windows to the directory containing the drivers for your device

We hope this guide helps you with the canon pixma mg2520 driver. If you have any problems after that, please contact us.

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