What is the need to test the edge crush strength of corrugated boxes?

Edge compression strength is an important property of the material, which determines how much stress is applied to the edges of some materials when they are loaded. The higher the compression strength number, the more stress on a material can be applied before it fractures or breaks. Therefore, it is important for corrugated box manufacturers to test the edge-wise compression strength of boxes with ease. We at Presto, being the leading manufacturer of edge crush testers will help paper and packaging manufacturers determine the edge crush strength of corrugated boxes with ease. The digital edge crush tester designed by the experts at Presto is highly helpful in calculating the edge-wise compression strength of materials and lets manufacturers determine the conduct of flat crush, ring crush, and other related quality tests on the materials. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with brief information about the Presto edge crush tester and why you should conduct quality tests on paper-related products. But first, let us focus on the information about edge crush strength and its importance.

What is edge crush strength and why it should be measured?

Edge compression strength is an important property of the material, which determines how much stress is applied to the edges of materials, like corrugated boxes. It is usually measured by applying a load to the edge of a material and measuring how much pressure is required to compress it. There is a need to test the edge compression strength of corrugated boxes because if the strength is not adequate, then the box can potentially collapse during shipping or handling. Testing the edge compression strength will also help manufacturers to deliver quality products to the customers. Thus, we at Presto have designed high-quality edge crush testing instruments that can easily measure the edge-wise compression strength of the boxes. This is one of the widely used paper and packaging testing instruments.

There is a need for testing edge crush strength for corrugated boxes because these boxes are susceptible to damage from external forces, such as rough handling during transportation and shipping. The edge crush strength of a box can help you determine how much force is required to break the box along its edges.

With effective testing, the manufacturers of the paper and the packaging industry can easily determine the durability of boxes. When a box is tested, it can determine how well it can resist being crushed or torn when placed against an edge. This information can be used to create products that are more durable and withstand stronger forces. Additionally, testing can help to identify any potential issues with the box’s design. If there are any weaknesses, they can be fixed before the product is shipped to customers. Evaluate the edge-wise compression strength of corrugated boxes with the Presto ECT tester and ensure that your boxes will remain free from any errors.

Features of Presto Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT Digital Model

Testing the compression strength of corrugated boxes is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it help to ensure that the boxes are sturdy and reliable, but it can also help to ensure that the product conforms to specific specifications. In particular, testing the compression strength can help to ensure that the boxes are not too weak or too strong. Additionally, testing the compression strength can also help to prevent damage to the product during shipping and storage.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of lab testing instruments and offers the best edge crush tester price along with newly added features. Below, we have listed the advanced features of the ECT tester.

  • Simple and accurate read-out on a digital display.
  • Electronic Force measurement by the Load
  • Key lock prevents accidental or unauthorized resetting.
  • Electro-mechanical Loading System.
  • Sophisticated Electronic Controls for precision and easy operation.
  • Competence with Peak-Hold.
  • Microprocessor-based display for accurate test results
  • Separate fixtures for ring crush, edge crush, and flat crush test.
  • Highly accurate test results under a compression force
  • Strong gripping clamps.
  • Bright LED display
  • Inbuilt calibration facility
  • Feather touch controls

Technical Specifications of Presto ECT tester

  • Capacity:100 Kgf
  • Least Count: 0.01 Kgf
  • Accuracy: ±2% at Full Load (with master load)
  • Speed : 12.5±2.5mm/min
  • Power Requirement: AC 220V, 50Hz, single phase
  • Standard: IS 7063 – 2

With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can easily conduct edge crush tests on the materials. You can also read about the top 3 advantages of conducting an edge crush test on the materials.


Corrugated boxes are used in a variety of industries, and are often susceptible to breakage when exposed to high external forces. Testing the edge crush strength of corrugated boxes can help identify which conditions cause these breaks and help to improve the design of these boxes. With Presto edge crush testing equipment, one can easily measure the edge-wise compression strength of boxes and ensure they are durable enough to ship products to the customers. If you want to conduct a free sample testing session, then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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