In order to adequately maintain

In order to adequately maintain the coffee maker, itis recommended to descale it at various intervals which can vary from once amonth or once a year. The descale operation is even more important if the areayou live in has hard water. The frequency of Coffee Packing Machine Manufacturers descale is influenced by how hardthe water is, on how much you use the espresso machine and also how often youleave the water to sit in it for longer periods of time.

To start with, you need to switch off the machine andlet it cool down. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to handle a hot machine.Additionally, the descaling solution is not very efficient in the case of a hotmachine.

Although the use of vinegar is recommended by someusers, in most cases it can damage the interior and the mechanics of theespresso machine. A citric solution can be easily prepared even by you bymixing lemon and water. You can also buy a descaling solution from a store,solution which is specifically for espresso machines.

Durgol, CLR and Saeco are popular commercial brands ofdescaling solutions. In most cases, the manufacturers of expensive espressomachines have their own brands or a preferred brand of descaling ordecalcifying solutions.

Place the descaling solution in the water reservoir ofthe machine and turn on the machine. Allow the machine to pump water for about20 or 30 seconds and then turn off the machine.Let the solution to dissolve for about 10 minutes.Next, turn on the machine again allowing the water to be pumped for another 30to 90 seconds and then turn it off.

These steps should be repeated for about 5 times,procedure which should last roughly an hour.The descaling solution can result in a bitter anddistasteful taste in the coffee machine. In order to eliminate this unwantedresidue rinse the water reservoir and fill it again. Turn on the machine withthe clean water and let it run. Repeat the procedure for two or three times.


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