Scientific Selection of Color Galvanized Coils

The high quality prepainted color galvanized coil is the green environmental protection building material, how to choose correctly, the reasonable use, enhances the service life is the general owner and the project builder most CARES about the question. Hengze, like a steel mill of the whole production process, has rich experience in the production and use of color galvanized coils. The module of "scientific material selection" is a brief recommendation and introduction to the selection and use of prepainted color galvanized coils for the majority of users.

The correct selection of prepainted color galvanized coil should consider the building in the natural environment, the use of the environment, design years, structural characteristics, to choose and match the steel, specifications, coating, and coating. Architect, project owner and processing side consider the safety performance of the building (impact resistance, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, wind pressure resistance, snow resistance), living performance (waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation), durability performance (pollution resistance, durability, appearance maintenance), economy (low cost, easy processing, easy maintenance, easy replacement).

For China prepainted galvanized steel coil factory, these properties as steel mills should be converted to color coated steel coil properties, and be guaranteed. The performance requirements of painted steel coil mainly include the mechanical properties of materials (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), coating performance (coating type, coating thickness, and coating adhesion) and coating performance (coating variety, color, gloss, durability, machining, etc.). Among them, wind resistance, impact resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance and other materials related to the mechanical properties, of course, and the color profile steel coil waveform, steel coil thickness, span, purlin distance, if the choice of the appropriate color coated steel coil with the appropriate profile steel coil design, can meet the safety factor of the building and reduce the cost of the project. However, the durability, processing performance and appearance retention of materials are largely determined by the durability of coatings and coatings.

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