Why are cork insoles good?

Cork is a natural material that has been used for decades. It consists of a mixture of crushed cork and glue. It is relatively porous and can be formed during the heating process. It is unfolded in the cavity of the insole using a heat diffusion knife. This process requires experience and a steady hand. The shoe is then allowed to dry thoroughly, allowing the cork to harden before the manufacturing process continues.


The cork insoles are moderately flexible and the perfect solution to the problem of stiffer soles. It no longer feels like stepping on a hard concrete floor when placed in the shoe. When walking, the cushioning protects your feet from injuries caused by friction or impact.


Why are cork insoles good?

It's comfortable

The science of cork creates a comfortable shoe bed. Shock absorption science and a flexible core support your feet and relieve pressure. It also creates a good foot climate by insulating your feet from heat and cold. The comfort of cork allows your feet to stand longer.


It's beneficial

The benefits of wearing cork insoles are simple. They keep your feet healthy. Shoes with support are essential in footwear because they are the foundation for the rest of your body when you stand up. A cork shoe bed provides a solid foundation for your feet. It also regulates moisture and ensures a pleasant climate for your feet.


It's sustainable

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is harvested in a way that allows the tree to reproduce the bark over its lifetime. When the cork is harvested for footwear, the trees are not cut down or harmed, making it a very environmentally friendly product.


Where can I buy cork insoles?

You can buy cork insoles here by contacting Foamwell, but we require a minimum order as a manufacturer. If you want to buy for yourself, you can also find cork insoles on B2B platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, etc.


If you need custom cork insoles or other types of insoles, you are welcome to contact Foamwell. We are the leading insole manufacturer in China and have two production bases in Vietnam. We can provide you with the most cost-effective service.


Reprinted from Foamwell Insoles - “Why are cork insoles good?

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